CONGRATULATIONS to all of the 12 x 12 in 2012 participants who completed 12 or more picture book drafts. I made this short video to congratulate them on their achievement. I hope you’ll watch and extend your own congratulations in the comments. Many thanks to all of you who “reported in” with your winning numbers! :-)

12 x 12 in 2012 Winners, in the order of their appearance in the video

MORE Winners, reporting in after the video was completed

That’s 567 Picture Book Drafts people! And this is only counting the winners who reported in, and does not count the hundreds of participants who wrote multiple drafts in 2012 but didn’t make it all the way to twelve. I’d call this an astonishing result! Truthfully, all participants are winners because we wrote more together than we would have going alone — LOTS more!

Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey! :-)



  1. Julie Rowan-Zoch completed 45 picturebook drafts in 2012


  2. Wow! Way to go Julie!!!!


  3. This is fantastic!!!! When did this video go up? Where was I? Why aren’t there hundreds of comments?

    Thank you so much, Julie…the 12×12 template has given much-needed direction for our creativity. YOU ROCK!


  4. Christie Wright Wild

    That is SO amazing, everyone! And I’m surprisingly not even jealous (because I only wrote 2 new ones, but revised 6). What I’d really like to do is read them all.

    Hmmm… Oh, I know! Enter them into my contest! You could get an awesome critique and bragging rights to boot. Just started taking entries for the Spring Quarter. You can submit through June 30th. To find out how, visit my blog. Can’t wait to see the amazing talent!


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