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Short post today because my in-laws are on their way and I still have cleaning to do!  I thought I would just take a moment to introduce you to my amazing family.  My daughter (alias: Em) is six and my son (alias: Jay) is three.  The picture of the two of them together is one we took on our vacation at Rainbow Trout Ranch this past summer.  Em is very artistic and visual, as you can see by her self-assembled Fourth of July fashion.  Jay is in constant motion unless he’s asleep which is why I chose this photo of him at his angelic best.  My husband Phil and I just celebrated our ten-year anniversary.  I am very lucky to have married such a smart, funny, caring man who is also a fantastic father.  Plus, he’s VERY handy!  He can actually fix and build things, skills I hope he will pass on to our children since I have none of them.

I am blessed in so many ways, but in no way greater than with my family.  By embarking upon this twisted path of writing, I am hoping to set an example for my children to follow their hearts and their passion.

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