Wow! September just FLEW by! I was very glad to meet many 12 x 12 friends in the flesh at the Rocky Mountain SCBWI conference. We had such a great time – margaritas and all! My September draft is half-finished, and will be done by the end of the day – cross my heart. What about the rest of you dear 12 x 12 in 2012 participants? Time to check in and let us know if you completed your September draft.

As you may recall, thanks to our generous member donors, we have a huge stash of prizes to give away this month. Don’t lose your chance to win – make sure you comment on the September 1 post to be eligible for your first point.

If you did complete a draft in September, let us know in the comments and that will get you another entry. YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR NAME (FIRST AND LAST) IN YOUR COMMENT IF YOU WANT IT TO BE COUNTED AS AN ENTRY. You have until midnight EST October 1st to leave a comment on this post and/or the September 1st post to be eligible for the drawing.

I am going to draw the prizes in the order in which they were donated and announce winners on October 2.

  1. Picture book critique from author Tara Lazar
  2. Query letter critique from author Heather Ayris Burnell.
  3. Signed copy of author Sue Fliess‘ adorable new book TONS OF TRUCKS
  4. Picture book critique from author Susanna Hill
  5. Signed copy of the brand new book (release date Sept. 27) by Meter MaidCorey Schwartz – THE THREE NINJA PIGS! Kiya!
  6. Copy of author Sandy Asher’s indispensable book WRITING IT RIGHT: How Successful Children’s Authors Revise and Sell Their Stories
  7. FREE gift certificate to attend author Emma Walton Hamilton’s 8-week Just Write for Kids picture book course!! If you missed your chance to win in June when Emma was our featured author, here’s another crack at this fantastic prize.
  8. A signed copy of author Jennifer Ward’s latest book (release date Sept. 18) THERE WAS AN OLD PIRATE WHO SWALLOWED A FISH along with a teacher’s guide, PLUS a picture book critique
  9. A special coupon from author/illustrator Katie Davis. It’s called the 12 PLUS 12. With it, you’ll have $24 (for non-math majors – $24 is 12+12) to spend however you choose in her products store. Not only does she already have incredibly helpful tools for authors, by October there will be even more for the winner to choose from.
  10. Signed copy of Lori Degman’s book ONE ZANY ZOO PLUS a rhyming picture book critique.
  11. Signed copy of author Donna Gephart’s book OLIVIA BEAN, TRIVIA QUEEN and some bookmarks.
  12. Signed copy of author/illustrator Ben Clanton’s book VOTE FOR ME! and a hand drawn/painted coaster.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to meet our October featured author!

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  1. Yes! I completed my draft, getting in at the last minute. It is very rough, but isn’t that what a first draft is all about anyway… 🙂

  2. Yeehah, another draft done, after a slow start……

    Thanks to all those who donated such awesome prizes!!

    Happy writing for October everyone.

  3. Despite a very difficult month, I still managed to get a draft done. YAY! Here’s to lucky October. I’d give anything to win a crit from the funny, talented, and beautiful Tara Lazar!
    Thanks for your wonderful blog, Julie.
    Karen Kallis Cheesman

  4. Yes, I finished my Sept draft and hope I win a critique! Thanks, Julie!
    ~Tina Cho

  5. i completed my September ms draft.. YAY!

  6. I finished a draft, sent it off to my critique buddies, not rewriting #4 version!
    Love the constant boost I get here, prizes and all!

  7. All done with September. Julie, your list of prizes is stunning!

  8. September is done! It’s a collaboration with my husband 🙂 Thanks! Heather Newman

  9. Yes, I managed a draft! And even a second draft too! -Julie Falatko

  10. Yes. Finished this month’s and got a start on next month!! I’m on a roll… loving this challenge- thanks Julie! cynthia iannaccone

  11. I did. September felt like PiBIdMo. 😉 thanks Julie. Stacy S. Jensen

  12. I completed a draft (and a something that doesn’t quite like the way it’s written yet) this month. I have my fingers crossed.

    Beth Stilborn

  13. I didn’t get mine done but I worked on it a lot. Good luck to the winners!

    • Sounds like a rough draft to me 😀 Do you have a beginning, a middle, and an end? Then you have a ligit September rough draft, my friend ;D

  14. Julie Rowan-Zoch: completed two this month, but I hope the pattern changes in October – both came to me in the wee hours of the morning!

  15. Mine is done! Whoopie! Man those prizes are TRULY BODACIOUS, Julie.

    Congrads everyone.

    Robyn Campbell

  16. Dang! So many great prizes! I’M FEELIN’ LUCKY! Okay, now that I said that, I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself, but that’s okay. I finished one of my favorite stories this last month! Horray! Thanks so much! Love this place. Great people. THUMP THUMP. THUMP THUMP. That is the sound of my heart pumping so much love through it. Oh, and some really strong coffee too.

    Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

  17. WOW – a dozen incredible rewards for lucky winners this month. Outstanding!

    Congrats to all who worked on and/or completed September drafts.

    I’m thrilled to say that I completed a draft this month too!

    – Cathy Ballou Mealey

  18. Yes, this year is flying fast! So much has happened, but the 12x12in2012 has kept me writing. September story done! Lots of cool party gifts. Pickmepickmepickmepickme…

  19. I finished my September draft earlier in the month than any other month. That list of prizes was greatly motivating! -Jan O’Neil

  20. Color me happy!

    September rough draft tapped out. May be one of my roughest drafts so far for 12 X 12, yet one that I may be the most drawn too.

    Marveling over the amazing list of prizes for this month! Thank you, Julie and all who offered up these terrific prizes 😀

  21. Color me D-U-M-B because I always forget to do this step. I have written one ms. a month every month!

  22. No ms so far this month. I have about 12 hours still to go, right? I have been working on my studio–I have a new studio partner–and we are now all cleared out, organized, and ready to dig into work for the fall and winter to come. Sallie Wolf

  23. I finished my early this month but now I’ve got my fingers crossed that I end up with a lovely prize to celebrate…;~)

    Donna L Martin

  24. I’m 9 for 9 (although last month I forgot to check in!) – I finished my manuscript mid-month, and it goes in my humble stack. I love going back through my manuscripts and tinkering away. What an amazing line up of prizes this month! I’d love to win something by year’s end (but I know I’ve won just by participating!).

  25. I was so excited about your party, I wrote three new manuscripts this month (but I’m making up for August, which was a total flop!).

  26. 2 really rough drafts! 😀 But really fun ideas. 🙂 I’m actually remembering to comment this month.

  27. It’s more like an outline but it has a beginning, middle and end. Could definitely be my next manuscript to get to submission-ready status. Worth working on.
    That’s 9 for 9! Onto October!!

  28. I just squeaked one in a few hours before the deadline. Phew!

    Dana Carey

  29. I finished my draft for this month — I have high hopes for it (once I put many more hours into it, or course). Thanks so much for the motivation!!

    Margaret Greanias

  30. With a a crazy Back to School schedule, September was the first month I worried that I would not finish a draft. But I made it in the knick of time. This month’s draft is less playful than most, but it is on a subject close to my heart — The Phillipine Water Buffalo (Carabao).

    Christine Alemshah

    So thankful for this challenge!

  31. September draft – done! And I don’t even hate it. Yay.

    Genevieve Petrillo

  32. Lots of blood, sweat and chocolate…. but in the end it just wasn’t a picture book MS. It ended up being an article. But at least I was writing. On to October!

  33. It was down to the wire, but I made it! It’s a complete rewrite on a manuscript I feel passionate about. Beginning, middle and end. Thanks for the kick in the butt (and carrot/prizes dangling in front of my eyes)!

    Wendy Greenley

  34. I did it! I was getting down on myself for being such a last minute loser, but then I shifted my thinking a bit. I generally spend a long time knocking ideas/characters/events around in my brain long before they make it to paper. So really…it’s been a manuscript in the works the entire month, which makes my last-minute-ness ok. It’s just the final step in an oddball process!

    And last night as I was straightening it out I tweeted this:

    Things I have Googled tonight: hippopotamus teeth, unicycles, flowers that begin with p, fish puns. #WIP

    This is why picture books rule!

    Carter Higgins

  35. I finished September and October!

    🙂 Heather Cyr

  36. Two new story concepts and very rough drafts complete – phew!

  37. Yes I’m done with mine. Almost forgot to check it 🙂
    Jennifer Young

  38. Thanks for the heads-up, Julie…in my Sunday post, I included a little blurb about you and the retreat and completing my September draft.
    As if it is not enough that organizing 12×12 in 2012 has inspired hundreds of picture book writers to stay motivated and focused…you even give us prizes! Julie, the prizes this month are a picture book writer’s dream…each and every one of them! Immense thanks to the generous donors!

  39. Oh, and I’m not sure if it just me and my computer…but lately, I’ve had trouble posting comments on your blog…I’ve had to go in with Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. 🙁

  40. Well, not loving it, but I did finish my September draft last monday! Some serious editing/revisions to be done this week. Fell down the stairs at B.U. today while at a bball tournament with my daughter, so with a cast on my leg will be trapped at my computer! argh. But on the other hand, Yay, because I’ll be forced to get some draft in submitting order!

  41. Finished my September manuscript just under the wire! (As in about 5 minutes ago!!) Thanks for all the support! Best, Annie Silvestro

  42. September done! And, it turned out well…it’s been turning over in my mind for about a week, after something my sweet granddaughter said echoed over and over in my mind. It’s the first line of the story, and ended up being kinda cute (first draft perceptions…ha!). Anyway, got September done, and wow what fantabulous prizes! Thanks for the motivation, Julie. – Damon Dean

  43. Done!!! Yay, I didn’t think I was going to make it.

  44. Finished the September PB draft about the boy who couldn’t finish things! It still needs a lot of work, though, so maybe I’m being a bit like the main character…

    Julie, the list of prizes is amazing! Many thanks to you & the generous donors!

    Patricia Nozell

  45. Yes, finished mine early in the month and have even tweaked it several times and taken it to my critique group. Love getting it done early. Crossing fingers that I have early October inspiration. Thanks again for helping me find such an inspiring and supportive group of writers.
    -Alison Hertz

  46. Yep, I managed to finish this one early in the month. I’m ready for October…can it be? What an array of prizes!

    Jarm Del Boccio

  47. YAY! Got it done. It definitely needs work, but I’m excited to have my first PB ms written in verse.

  48. I was happy to have so much inspiration from the fall Rocky Mtn. SCBWI conference. I completed my Sept. manuscript and I’m excited about the potential…though this first draft is a little rough. Thanks again Julie and all of you awesome contributors. What a fun and bountiful bunch of prizes!
    Beth Thaler

  49. Literally (well, almost) the eleventh hour, but I finished my draft and I’m happy with it, although it’s in it’s rough state just now. Still, it looks like a funny one if I can just pull it together in rewrite.

    : ) Beth MacKinney

  50. Oh my word. 11:53. That’s cutting it close. 😉

  51. Done again, though we’re six days away from a wedding in the family! Got excited last week and began next month’s already. Thanks again, Julie for hosting this for us all.

    Elizabeth McBride

  52. Hi! Just finished a picture book story! Feels great!

  53. Hey Julie. Got my draft in. Thanks!

    Tim McCanna

  54. Under the gun…got ‘er done!

    Kim Murray

  55. I got mine in under the wire!

    Sheri Cook

  56. I actually started days before the deadline this time. What a difference that makes in quality! ; ) I’m so amazed each month that I’m still getting them in on time. Whew!

  57. Chris and I both completed one. We posted it on our podcast.
    Chris and Mel Bugaj

  58. I finished a draft and worked some revisions. I’m hoping to send out a couple of MSS in the next couple of weeks. Thanks as always for the inspiration! Kirsten Larson

  59. Mine is done….nonfiction which is a new animal for me, but I have a subject that I feel is fresh & would be interesting for kids.

    What a list of prizes!!!! Thanks, Julie:•)
    Penny Klostermann

  60. Finished just in time! Love these deadlines!
    Lisa Rogers

  61. Kathleen Cornell Berman

    Yikes! I just finished my September draft. I love this check-in! Keeps us all on our toes.
    Great prizes!! Thanks!

    Kathy Cornell Berman

  62. all completed! lovin this still!
    kelly McDonald

  63. I’m late, but still working toward those fabulous 12 ms!

  64. As usual, I’m late posting, but I completed my draft on time again. 🙂

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