Given my blogiversary tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to check the stats to see which were the most popular posts and remember some old favorites, plus share some of the funniest and odd “search terms” that have led people to this humble blog.  Without further adieu:

Top Five Posts (Posts with the most hits)

  1. Jane Yolen’s 20 Rules of Writing
  2. 100 Random Things (About me)
  3. Tori Spelling Picture Book – What Next? (The one time I let loose and really ranted. This post gets hits almost every day. I guess negativity does sell, although I intend to try to restrain myself in the future)
  4. Picture Book Dummies
  5. Dream Number 29

Five of my personal favorites

  1. Julie: An American Girl
  2. The Magic of Mackinac
  3. She Loved that Baby Up
  4. Barnes and Noblesse Oblige
  5. M Go Bust

Another of my favorite posts, The Presents of Christmas Past, has also gotten hits resulting from strange and funny search terms.  For example, I’ve gotten several hits on the post from people looking for variations of “wire hanger yarn poodle” because of this picture:

Who knew making poodles from yarn and wire hangers was still such a popular activity?  I’ve also gotten hits on the same post from variations of “life-size plastic doll,” which honestly, is just disturbing.  They find the post because I wrote about getting this doll for Christmas one year:

Although I had never heard of it before I made it, apparently lots of people like Frito Pie.  I still get lots of hits on the post I wrote about making it for a party, including the recipe.

I’ve also gotten people coming to the blog seemingly for information on pterodactyls, pterodactyl boyfriends and, yes, unicorn erotica as a result of this post.  (Thanks Libba Bray! :-))  I would so love to know what they are hoping to find when they click on that post…

Anyway, thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me.  Looking forward to another great year of blogging and conversation!

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  1. I’m going to read every one of these posts . . .

    Thanks for the recap!

  2. Love the photo Julie, and how interesting. I never thought to read your older posts. Must go take a peek.

  3. Congratulations! And best of writing wishes…

    George Shannon

    • Hi George! Thanks for stopping by. I have been so enjoying your “Writing to be heard” series on your blog. So much so that I’m planning on providing a link to the posts from mine. Happy Thanksgiving!

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