This terrace is where we’ll eat breakfast, have coffee, prepare for our days, and convene for aperitivo in the evenings before dinner. Florence right at your feet!

I scoured the whole of Florence looking for the perfect hotel to house writers looking for a Renaissance. I found it in the exquisite Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni n.1. Even the name has a distinguished ring, wouldn’t you say?

The building has a storied history as a medieval tower house and palace, owned by the Gianfigliazzi family until the end of the 18th century. The rooms reserved for Writer’s Renaissance are all located in the Medieval Tower section of the hotel.

Antica Torre boasts not one, but two breathtaking outdoor terraces – perfect for writing, reflecting and relaxing. One overlooks the entire city of Florence and the other the River Arno, Santo Spirito, Oltrarno and the Ponte Vecchio.

This photo shows a double room with the beds together. For Writer’s Renaissance, the doubles will be separated into two twin beds.

In the event of inclement weather, the gorgeous breakfast room shares the same view of the city center of Florence. We will use these terraces and the breakfast room to gather before our daily activities, for writing and sharing time and for our Aperativo before dinner – sipping Prosecco by sunset.

The hotel is perfectly situated within walking distance to every major sight in Florence, including the tony Tornabuoni shopping district. It is just steps from the Ponte Santa Trinita, one bridge down from the Ponte Vecchio. The rooms are all tastefully decorated in traditional Tuscan style and make the perfect home away from home for our week.

Want to see the terraces live? Here is a short video of the view from the city-side terrace, and another one with a view from the Arno-side terrace. Bellissimo!

View from the Antica Breakfast Room, as seen from the Bar










Antica Torre Exterior (the tower) from Via di Tornabuoni



  1. This is so wonderful! I can’t tell you how fast my heart is racing. My eyes are filled with tears. I’ve always wanted to visit Italy! I’ve literally had daydreams in the past (long before 12 x 12 and long before I decided I could/would write children’s lit) where I was in the countryside of Italy leisurely writing. To think there’s a possibility that this could come true__I can hardly breathe!


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