First of all, I need to extend my sincere thanks to author Tammi Sauer for inviting me to participate in the official BAWK AND ROLL World Tour. Tammi is my kind of writer – a PUNNY one, and we own nearly every single book she’s written (so far!).  Plus, Tammi is giving away one copy (U.S. only) of BAWK AND ROLL to a lucky blog reader. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us which Elvis Poultry song is your favorite. (Hint: Your chances of winning are greater if you don’t choose Love Me Tender. Unfortunately, too many of the chickens’ fans have taken this one out of context, and Mr. Poultry doesn’t want to have to find new dancers…)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis Poultry is at it again, and this time we’re catching him on the next-to-last drumstick of his blog tour.  Since we last met Elvis, Marge and Lola in CHICKEN DANCE, the two chicks have gotten in on the act as dancers. But instead of flapping their feathers, they flop. Can Elvis Poultry get these chicks to chill, or will he have to leave them behind at the Heartbreak Henhouse? You’ll have to read the book to find out – no spoilers here!

Perhaps the most important question is, will Elvis take Marge and Lola on the road again? Will we see them in another book? I asked Elvis, and all he would say was, “The chicks’ll just have to cross that road when they get to it.”

So maybe we’ll see all of them on the other side. I sure hope so, because after reading this book I told Elvis Poultry, “I can’t help falling in love with you!”

He just winked and clucked, “I know…”

That’s all for now folks. Leave your comment and enter to win. Oh, and Elvis asked me to remind you all that if you do go see them in concert, please leave the hound dogs at home. They cry all the time, and though they’ve never caught a chicken, they ain’t no friends of his.

Tammi Sauer is officially my hero, not only because we love her books – such as Mr. Duck Means Business and Cowboy Camp, but also because she has FIVE picture books coming out this year (see below for details). You can keep track of Tammi on her website, her blog, and Twitter. If you want to check out where else you can find Elvis and the gang this week, here is the official schedule:

 April 2-6 Rob Sanders: Picture This!

April 3 Julie Danielson: Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

April 4 Jennifer Bertman: From the Mixed-Up Files of Jennifer Bertman

April 4 Kristen Remenar: Author, Librarian, National Speaker

April 5 Julie Hedlund: Write Up My Life

April 6 Jennifer Rumberger: Children’s Author

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Me Want Pet!
 (Simon & Schuster)

“This account of the age-old bond between animals and children is ideally paced for read-aloud pleasure.”–Kirkus
“Sauer has crafted a humorous read-aloud that’s both age-appropriate and entertaining.”–School Library Journal
“In this Stone Age comedy, Sauer and Shea imagine a child with a demand as old as time.”–Publisher’s Weekly
Bawk and Roll (Sterling)
“This flock rocks.”–Kirkus
“…punny, rocking romp.”–Publisher’s Weekly

Princess in Training (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
Oh, Nuts! (Bloomsbury)
The Twelve Days of Christmas in Oklahoma (Sterling)
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  1. Bawk and Roll sounds like such a fun book! I’ve been looking forward to reading it since first seeing the title. (I love puns…)

    I’m not eligible for the draw, since I’m in Canada, but wanted to comment anyway, to say how cool this book sounds, and WOW Tammi — Five books in one year? Way to go!

  2. Chicken Man is my favorite Elvis Poultry song. Bawk and Roll really does sound like a fun book.

  3. I can’t wait to read the sequel to one of our favorite books! And my favorite Elvis Poultry song is “A Big Cluck O’ Love.”

  4. Hello World Tour friend! Great post! Tammi is my hero too, she’s amazing! No need to enter me in the drawing. 🙂

  5. Love the post and LOVE Tammi’s work! We also have all her books. 🙂 My favorite actual Elvis Poultry song is “Bucket O’ Me”, but my wishful thinking favorite is “Blue Suede Feet”.

  6. I must say I laughed out loud when I read this book! Congratulations Tammi on another book.

    P.S. I think my favorite song is….Hen House Rock! What else?!

  7. Swing those hips with Elvis Poultry, Yeah! Just the front cover has me cracking up, but I also love Dan’s work! Bravo!

    I am not eligible as I live in France, sadly.

  8. My wishful thinking favorites are “You’ll Never Cluck Alone” and “Eggbreak Hotel.”

    Those folks are Sterling are off the hook!

  9. I also love Hen House Rock! Can’t wait to read this one… and such great illustrations too! You and Dan make a great team!

  10. Thank you for this article! I love CHICKEN DANCE! and 5 books coming out this year!!! I can hardly wait!

  11. Love this! Can’t wait to read it to the kiddies at the library!
    Suspicious Minds, maybe??

  12. Congrats on all your success, Tammi!
    Thanks for adding a little Bawk and Roll to my day, Julie!

    A Little Less Cluckversation

  13. Stacy S. Jensen

    Sounds like another hit. She’s one very busy writer. I look forward to reading them all.

  14. Wow, all the favorites of others sound great, but I think mine is Are You Lonesome In Flight. Can’t wait to read this book. Hope I win it! I’ll be out peckin’ at the gravel and scratchin’ in the dirt till I hear from you. 😉

  15. Bawk and Roll sounds wonderful!!!! Congrads on your successes, present and future. Five picture books this year! Bodacious. Thanks for this, Julie. My fav Elvis Poultry song has got to be, Hen House Rock!!!!!!!! What a great gal. *waving*

  16. If Bawk and Roll is as much fun as Chicken Dance, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser 🙂

  17. Thankyouthankyouverymuch.

    My favorite is Jailhouse Bawk. 🙂

  18. I love Tammi’s books. Reviewed “Cowboy Camp,” last June and my website when I did a section on books for kids going to camp. It was so funny! Love Chicken Dance, so I’m sure Bawk and Roll will be great too.

  19. This is so hilarious! I CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE with Elivis Poultry. I’m ALL SHOOK UP from excitement. I can’t wait to get my hands on Tammi’s book. It’s NOW OR NEVER.

  20. What a cute write-up! I love Tammi Sauer’s books. They’re so clever.

  21. I love Tammi’s books, too, and can’t wait to read Bawk and Roll!

    I love hearing All Scrambled Up.

  22. Christie Wright Wild

    Hen House Rock! I SO want this book!

  23. My family and I love ‘Chicken Dance’ and can’t wait for ‘Bawk & Roll!’ Ditto to my favorite song being ‘Hen House Rock.’ Although all the song titles make me smile.

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