That’s me – the April Fool.  Remember when I told you that Jay would do just about anything to sleep with us?  Well, yesterday he outdid even himself.  At bedtime, we snuggled up in the rocking chair as usual for story time.  As I pulled back the covers to tuck him in after the story I found the bed was sopping wet.

“Jay!  What happened to your bed?  Why is it all wet?”

“I peed in it.”  I looked him over.  He was still wearing the same, perfectly dry pair of pajamas I’d put him in an hour ago.

“You didn’t pee in it, did you?”

“APRIL FOOL!  (Insert huge belly laugh here)  Oh well, I guess now I’ll have to sleep in your bed.”

Honestly I just scooped him up and took him into our bed.  I have to give the kid credit for inventiveness, even if his sister did have a hand in the plotting and preparation.  I tried to suppress my laughter, but I couldn’t hold back.  It really was funny.  It just better not happen again!

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  1. Ha ha ha… What a little monkey. Nice to see some sibling camaraderie – and the not-quite-flawless execution.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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