25. January 2010 · Comments Off on Birthday King – or, Birthday Weekend #3

The Birthday King

Today my baby Jay is four whole years old.  The birthday extravaganza continued this weekend as we celebrated with a few of his friends at the World of Wonder Children’s Museum.  The party was easy and fun.  Four-year old boys are very easy to please (especially compared to seven-year old girls!).  Jay got his very own crown.  Very appropriate since he is and always will be the king of our hearts, on his birthday and all days.

Yesterday we celebrated again with dinner, cake and presents at my mom’s house.  Here he opened his favorite gift by far – a chainsaw that sounds very realistic.  In this photo, he’s preparing for his upcoming role in the kid version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Here he is pondering over his cake, making a wish.  He looks so serious.  I’m sure he was working up a very profound wish like world peace and not another toy rocket.  Actually I take that back.  I know he wished to have his favorite food for his birthday dinner at home tonight – chocolate pancakes with bacon and strawberries.  An easy wish to grant.  Then we will finally, FINALLY be done with birthdays for a while, which means my wish will come true too!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy.

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