Well, it’s finally here.  One year of putting words to screen and hoping they would reach out and touch someone (but not in a gross way).  As with any milestone, the blogiversary has prompted reflection on my part.  How do I feel about what I’ve done so far?  What do I want to achieve in the future?  Lucky for me, synchronicity was at work this week when Daily Blog Tips posted 8 Critical Questions You Should Ask Yourself as a Blogger.  Half of them don’t apply to me because I do not intend to monetize this blog.  Write Up My Life is a creative outlet, a community (I hope), and honestly, a joy.  Trying to do anything with it monetarily would ruin that for me, and probably for readers, so that’s off the table.

Four of the questions seemed more appropriate to ask YOU, if you are willing to provide your input.  I think to some extent all bloggers start a blog to serve some purpose for themselves, but somewhere along the way, it becomes more about the people who come to visit you on the blog (or at least it should, IMHO) than about that initial self-purpose.  So in order to gear up for the next year of blogging, I’d like to hear more about you and what you would like to see on this blog (and blogs in general).

1.  Are you blogging about your passion?

This is an easy yes for me.  I am passionate about writing, certainly, but I am also passionate about my family, my dog, nature, reading, cooking, traveling, etc.  I try to balance posts about writing and posts about my life, although sometimes a particular post works as both.  I would quickly get bored if I wrote only about writing or only about my life. I’m sure you’d get pretty bored if I only wrote about my life too!  BUT, I would like to know if you think the my passion comes through in my blog posts, regardless of the subject du jour.  Should I be putting more personality/passion in the posts or I am I already at risk of revealing TMI? Inquiring minds want to know!

2.  Do you know your audience?

Some of the sub-questions here ask whether you know what your readers want and don’t want and whether they find your posts useful.  What I know about my readers/followers is that many of them are writers, but many of them are not.  That is why I try to strike a balance on the blog between strictly professional and more personal posts.  So I ask you, if you are a writer, do you still enjoy the more personal posts?   If you are not a writer, do your eyes glaze over when you read the writing posts, or do I manage to make them interesting to you?

3.  Are you building a community?

I think so.  I try to ask thought-provoking questions at the end of most posts to get people excited to engage in a conversation.  I joined the Writers’ Platform-Building Crusade and visit the crusaders’ blogs as often as I can.  I’m on other Twitter and Facebook.  I do giveaways here and there. (Like the Blogiversary Harry Potter movie giveaway).  Are there other things I could do to “up” the community quotient of the blog?

4.  Are you solving your reader’s problems?

Let me be frank.  I can barely figure out how to solve my own problems, so I doubt if I will be able to solve yours.  If I had all the answers, I’d probably be a multi-published author bringing money in hand over fist right now instead of blogging.  If I had all the answers, my kids would be behave perfectly at all times, my cakes would never sag in the middle, I’d weigh about 20 lbs less and my house would be featured in Architectural Digest.  As soon as all of that happens, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, I hope that as I flounder, learn, flounder some more, and then learn some more, that my posts about that process are helpful to you too.  It’s not so much “misery loves company” as “company alleviates misery,” so let’s go through it together.

So, what say you dear readers?  I would be eternally grateful if you could weigh in on some of those questions so I can provide you with the best blog I can.

Many Thanks!

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  1. Congratulations on your first blogoversary! It is good to reflect and you have asked some thought-provoking questions. I don’t have time to go indepth on every one, but I’ll share a few things about my blogging life. Before I do, I enjoy visiting your blog, so you certainly fulfil some of those criteria you spoke about.

    When I started blogging, I didn’t have a clue. I saw a contest by blogger to win a prize for starting a new blog and writing a travel article. It was probably a furphy as there was no record of google ever reading my blog. It sat there for a few years (under another blog name) then I got to a point in my life where writing was becoming very important, so I decided to start blogging simply to find out about writing and what’s happening. Sure got more than I bargained for!

    As you say, when you start out, blogging is one thing, but quickly you become part of an online commuity where you can learn so much and hope you can touch others in some minute way along the road.

    So congrats. Looking forward to following you on your journey in the future..:)

    • What a nice response! I so agree that when you start, you think it’s this little personal venture and before you know it, you are part of an extensive, vibrant, supportive community. I never could have imagined how much I would love blogging and bloggers!

  2. 1. I like your posts, and feel that your passion, personality, and joie de vivre shine through in each post I’ve read.

    2. I am a writer and enjoy your writing posts ~ but I like your life posts as much, if not more than your posts on writing. The only time my eyes have glazed over . . . posts about college football.

    That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about football, or that your sports posts are not well written (they are well written), but college football doesn’t appeal to me on any level. I don’t even follow my own alma mater, W&M.

    3. Blogging does become a community with tendrils shooting out in many different directions. I read South African blogs, and Canadian blogs, and Irish blogs, and writing blogs, and spiritual blogs, and frugal living blogs, and ecclectic blogs.

    Your blog is one of my favorites. Your writing is always clear, crisp, eloquent, and seemingly heart felt. When we write honestly from the heart, our audience will find us (and those not in our intended audience will drift away).

    4. The 4th question, as worded, is a silly question (IMHO). I don’t blog to solve anyone’s problems, nor do I read other people’s blogs to solve my problems. I blog to share what I’ve learned in life with others, and to encourage readers to evaluate their lives and priorities. I read blogs to learn about differing perspectives on life, to broaden my horizons, etc.

    If we reword question #4 to “Are your posts of value to your readers?” . . . I would say, Absolutely! I always feel I get my money’s worth when I take the time to read one of your posts. It is ALWAYS time well spent.


    • Okay, I actually got a bit teary reading your response. Thank you for taking the time to not only answer the questions, but to do so in such a thoughtful way. I so appreciate your input and the fact that you enjoy my blog (which is most definitely mutual!)

  3. Happy Blogiversary Julie and great questions for all of us.

    Your posts are always heart-felt and that gives you a great voice on your blog. I think voice over content is the most important thing about any blog. If you have content and no voice readers might as well read a how-to book, but if you always give something to your reader and you have a voice you’ve cracked it. I would say you definitely know your audience and your posts are always relevant. You have a great mixture of writing/life stories, I wouldn’t change a thing. As far as the community thing goes, I’d say the more general your topic combined with asking for our opinion, the more visitors you are likely to get. It’s funny all the people I know on here each blogs differently. And if we didn’t why would we want to read them all?

    Here’s to another great year of blogging Julie congrats!

    • Thanks so much Catherine! You are so right too. I read many, many blogs and each is unique in some way. I feel like I’ve made so many new friends – even though we haven’t met in person! It’s all so much more than I ever expected from blogging. A true delight.

  4. Congratulations on your blogoversary.

    I am a writer and I read lots of blogs about the subject. While I love to read about writing I also really like hearing about people’s lives – I am essentially nosey – maybe it’s the writer in me. So I think a mixture is great.

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