Three months from today I will be on the ground in Italy!!  Totally non sequitur, I know, but it just had to be said.

In other news, I recently donned my hard hat to do some major construction on my blogrolls.  I hadn’t looked at them for weeks, and they were a total mess.  There were bloggers there with whom I hadn’t had contact with in months, and plenty of blogs that I read religiously that weren’t there at all. (I’m talking to you Corey Schwartz, Tara Lazar, Julie Musil, etc….)  I’ve also been reorganizing blogs into categories that I hope make better sense and make it easier for you to find other interesting blogs.

I am certain there are some blogs that have gotten lost in the shuffle, so if I used to list you and you don’t see your blog anymore, drop me a note in the comments.  I can promise you it’s not because I don’t love you or your blog.  Rather, I worked on this project in between cooking, doing laundry, walking the dog and, every once in a while, interacting my kids.  Make sure to look for both your name and your blog name; in some cases I’ve switched from one to the other.

If you have a moment, please look through the categories and let me know if I’m missing anything/anyone.  I’m a bit light on Editor blogs and could use some ideas there, but any and all suggested additions are welcome.  Drop in on some of these blogs if you have the time.  I’ve taken a lot of care with my list.  If a blog is there, it’s because I read it, enjoy it and learn something from it regularly.

Finally, if you enjoy this blog and like what you read, please consider putting me on your blog list.  We’re all looking to reach people after all.  If you list me and I haven’t listed you, please let me know.  I always like to reciprocate if possible.

Thanks so much!  So glad that chore is completed!

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  1. I’ll be taking a look at your list. Have a wonderful time in Italy. I studied Italian in college and studied in Florence one summer. It’s been like 20 years ago now, but remember it fondly (especially a week-long trip around Sicily). I even had one Italian friend look me up on Facebook. Now, that was unexpected.

  2. Love what you’ve done with your blog roll. Thanks for linking up with SLTW.

    At the moment, I’m swamped with blogs to read, but I definitely will keep your links in mind for a “slower day.”

    Enjoy the countdown to Italy!

  3. Oh my word that’s a very long list. I wish I could do the same on mine so I don’t miss people out but the font is so huge there really isn’t room. It would be a bit weird to change themes again just to get a smaller font. I just put the crusaders in another page. Great job Julie!

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