I have three completed children’s picture books that I am seeking agent representation for, and one book that I intend to develop into a Storybook App. Meanwhile, I continue to write and edit other picture books in my arsenal.


When Prince Percival learns the “real” princess is as picky about EVERYTHING as she is about a pea in her bed, he gives her the boot and marries his true love instead.

“Once Upon a Time, there was a princess, a pea, a pile of mattresses and a poor night’s sleep…” 

PEAS ON EARTH, 640 Words

Six year-old Benjamin hates peas, but when he mistakes “peas” for “peace” in the lyrics of a song, he decides to give peas a chance. He brings them to his neighbors, who use the peas in surprising ways for their winter holiday celebrations. Along the way, Benjamin learns that anything can be a catalyst for peace — even a humble (albeit yucky) vegetable — and that one person, however young, can make a difference in the world.

With its offbeat humor, multi-cultural characters and timeless message, PEAS ON EARTH is OLIVE THE OTHER REINDEER meets BECAUSE OF YOU.”

FOODOO, 513 Words

Thrill-seeker Ginny McMaudy is furious when her brother Brian gets to ride the fastest roller coaster at the county fair while she’s stuck on the kiddie rides.  She vows she’ll do anything to grow tall enough to ride by next summer.  She tries potions and spells, headstands and splits.  She even eats olives and wishes on pits.  When all of her “Get Tall Quick” tricks fail, Brian suggests she try Foodoo – eating tons of veggies at every meal.  Ginny is sure Foodoo is a Tall Tale, but as summer approaches, she might be desperate enough to give it a try.


Ginny McMaudy loved all kinds of thrills,

Like riding her bike over towering hills,

Smacking a cannonball into the pool,

Swashbuckling swords in a pirate ship duel.

Turning a cartwheel with balance and grace.

Fooling the pitcher and stealing third base.

But one thrill that Ginny still wanted to try?

An amusement park ride with a track to the sky.


Written in lyrical rhyming couplets, each line of TROOP reveals the collective noun for an animal and a fact about that animal’s behavior or habitat.  TROOP concludes with an appeal to respect wildlife and the environment.  Learning the lesser-known collective nouns of the animals appeals to both children and adults.

I am currently investigating how to bring TROOP to market as a Storybook App.  I’ve chosen this path because the animation, sounds, and narration that are possible in the digital space could greatly enhance comprehension of the story and provide opportunities to include features that would expand learning.  If successful, I plan to develop a series of apps in the same format as TROOP, all based on collective nouns of animals.


A parliament of owls hoots in the night.

A pandemonium of parrots begins to take flight. 



  1. Great idea, Julie!

    Hope an agent stumbles across this page and stops dead in their tracks! 😀


  2. Great job, Julie! You should underline FOODOO like you underlined PEAS ON EARTH.


  3. “A Troop Is A Group Of Monkeys” is Awesome! Entertaining and educational in all the right places! *Big Smile*

    “Peas on Earth”… Wonderful title! Meaningful lesson! Love it!

    And, Ginny McMaudy sounds like a mother’s nightmare!

    YOU are a wonderfully fun, inspiring, children’s author with a keen knack for rhyming and educating the next generation of the environmentally conscious.


  4. Pithy, punchy pitches. I would read all three of these, though I confess PEAS ON EARTH really grabs me! I like the variety, too. Very glad you’re placing them here for the kidlit world to see and ….


  5. The pitch for The Henpecked Prince made me laugh! I would read that.


  6. I love the sound of Peas On Earth. Love the concept!


  7. Julie, great page…I want to see these books in my local library! Hope your queries goal gets them into good hands this year and we hear good news soon. I’m taking the idea to my blog too, for the ones I’ve finished.
    ALL great ideas–my favorite, PEAS ON EARTH…dying to know how Benjamin does it.


  8. Julie, I love this idea for a page. If I ever actually have a PB ms to shop, I may follow your lead and create one of these.

    And PEAS ON EARTH? Would love to see that one in print – quirky is my favorite thing!


  9. Your picture books sound absolutely wonderful! Such clever ideas. I would love to see all of them in print.


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