Oh happy, happy day! My friend Katie Davis aired her 100th episode of Brain Burps About Books today! For this special event, she interviewed all three of the National Ambassadors for Young People’s Literature – two emeritus and one current. That means she has interviews with Jon Scieszka, Katherine Paterson, and Walter Dean Myers!!

Our current ambassador, Walter Dean Myers, chose “Reading is not optional” as his platform. Likewise, verily I say unto you, if you care at ALL about children’s literature, literacy, or reading and writing in ANY of its forms (children or adult), LISTENING TO THIS EPISODE IS NOT OPTIONAL. These three people are heroes, pioneers, warriors and role models – not just to children but to all adults who advocate for children, whether as parents, teachers, librarians, aunts, uncles, friends, etc.

I’m lucky because I got to listen to the episode in all of its greatness yesterday. That is an advantage of owning the Brain Burps app – you get the podcasts a whole day early. I can assure you the interviews are funny, informative, inspirational and everything you’d expect they’d be coming from these paragons of kidlit.

I’ve met both Jon Scieszka and Katherine Paterson in person. We met Jon at the Boulder Bookstore a few months ago, where he patiently listened to my five year-old recount every incidence of potty humor in all of the books we’d read by him. If you’ve read any of Scieszka’s work, you probably already know this is quite a formidable list. Then, he signed one of my son’s books, “To Jay – a real Stinker.” You can only imagine how much more my son loves that book now.

I met Katherine Paterson at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair after an interview she gave at the Author’s Cafe. During her interview, she said her ambition as a writer was to write a book that did for children what the book The Secret Garden had done for her. How gratifying it was to be able to tell her unequivocally that she has done that, many times over, for me. Particularly with Bridge to Terabithia, which remains one of my all-time favorite books and one that I believe is perfectly written.

Please don’t miss your opportunity to be inspired by these literary giants. I’m not promoting this episode because I’m in it (because I’m not), but because it is simply unmissable. And to help celebrate Katie’s achievement and all she has brought to the world of kidlit with this podcast, I am giving away three Brain Burps apps from the iTunes app store. To win, all you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite part of the 100th episode. It is a long one, so I’ll give you a full week to listen and comment. You have until midnight EDT, Wednesday June 20th to comment. I’ll draw winners on Thursday the 21st. So GO. NOW. LISTEN!


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  1. This is one of my favorite Brainburp episodes thus far! Wow, lucky you to have met all three of these amazing writers. Bridge to Terebitha is also one of my top ten children’s books ever!

    • Not all three. I haven’t been lucky enough to meet Walter Dean Myers yet. But one day!

  2. I will ask to get the app! 😀 😀 Thanks for telling me about what’s going on! 😉 I guess I have to read Bridge to Terebitha now! 🙂

  3. I have the app and LOVE the podcasts. I am DYING to hear this one, but haven’t yet. Bridge to Terabithia – OMG! What a story!

  4. I’m listening to it now. I love Brain Burps and try to listen to them soon after they come out.

  5. I have two favorite parts …. it was a long episode. 🙂

    Jon Scieszka’s comment “librarians are subversive book dealers”
    Walter Dean Myers on discussing community outreach programs.

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