Beth StilbornMy good friend and fellow writer Beth Stilborn surprised me in the nicest possible way today by writing a blog post about my Kickstarter campaign to fund my next picture book – MY LOVE FOR YOU IS THE SUN. She captured what I am trying to do so beautifully and so eloquently. I could not have said it better myself. So I won’t. Instead I’ll just send you over to her place.

Beth is always there to support her fellow writers. Just this week she announced the launch of her new copy editing service, Flubs to Fixes. I highly encourage you to consider hiring her for your next project. I think people tend to underestimate the importance of good copy editing. I don’t. I asked Beth to look over my campaign page before it launched, and she found no fewer than three errors that would have been quite embarrassing had they still been there when it went live.

In addition to my endorsement, you should check this one out from NYT bestselling author Emma Walton Hamilton, who, in the twisty-turny world of kidlit connections, was also my content editor for MY LOVE FOR YOU IS THE SUN. Her services are also HIGHLY recommended. 🙂

Thank you, Beth!

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  1. Wow — thank YOU, Julie, for this wonderful post and endorsement of Flubs2Fixes. I am (almost) speechless. It was a joy to write about your venture. MY LOVE FOR YOU IS THE SUN deserves the chance to shine as brightly as possible.

  2. Wow, Beth had the same idea I did, Julie-

    I hope my post helps spread the word. You’re the second author I’ve backed on Kickstarter (The First one got the funding he needed: I SO can’t wait to giveaway a signed copy of FETCH on T.A.A.)

    I launched an initiative on T.A.A. over the summer to spotlight authors or other content creators who have projects I want my readers to know about and support however they can.

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