I’ve decided to take one of my blog posts about Italy, work on it a bit more, and submit it to an anthology of women’s travel writing.  The deadline is next week, so I need to move quickly and I could really use your help.  After looking through the posts, I’ve chosen my two favorites.  Some of you may have read these before, but I would be so grateful if, whether you’ve read them or not, you could take a look and tell me which one you prefer and, if possible, why.  That will help me determine which one has the most resonance. Please put your responses in the comments.  Thanks!!!

For everyone who responds, I plan to write a blog post that will include a blurb about your blog (if you blog) and what I like about it.  If you don’t blog, I’d be happy to give you assistance in some other way – contact me offline and we can work it out.

So here are the posts.

Cinque Terre Hike

Here Piggy, Piggy

A Thousand Thanks!!

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  1. I preferred Here Piggy, Piggy. It was an amusing anecdote and a valuable lesson for travelers to bring a language dictionary along. Plus, it seems like a situation I would wind up in!

  2. I like “Here, Piggy, Piggy.” Great and catching title and fun read. Best of luck!!! 🙂

  3. Really hard to choose but I’ll say Here, Piggy, Piggy too. That’s so awesome, good luck!

  4. Both of them offer valuable insights into life ~ the willingness to forge ahead and make the most of the moment, the benefits of being open to opportunity, etc.

    Either would be perfect . . . but what about a combination of the two? A mini- anthology of your hiking experiences in Italy?

    Good luck!

    • Hmm.. that’s a thought. I’ve got a couple of their prior anthologies on hold at the library. Once I get to thumb through them I’ll have a better idea of what they look for in terms of length. Intriguing idea. Thanks!

  5. Hmm…not to toss the monkey wrench but “Cinque Terre” resonated with me because of the gorgeous photos AND because I identified with having a wonderful adventure enriched by sharing it with others. Leaves me wondering where that ‘dude’ is hiking today and telling others how ‘sick’ that trail was…and when he will be the one buying lunch for a young wayward fellow traveller and thinking of his day with you. “Piggy Piggy” was fun (I’ll remember the hot chains tip!) but I was vicariously disappointed that the only boar appeared on the plate!

  6. I remember reading and enjoying both. If I had to choose it would be Cinque Terre (could be biased because I know it!!) but I enjoy the encounter with the disillusioned young guy and this shared experience with a fellow traveller.

  7. I commented on the “Piggy Piggy ” one. I chose that because it had a lot of substance. The fear is real in meeting a wild boar.
    It was a hard call. They are both good, each in it’s own way.
    The photos are breathtaking in “Cinque Terre Hike” and I like the humor you instilled in it. Makes me want to go there.

  8. I preferred Piggy Piggy. I could feel the heat and the danger and I thought the young man was a bit of a distraction in Cinque Terre. Good luck with whichever story you choose, I’m sure either would work well for you.

  9. I like the Cinque Terre hike, because I love the idea that we connect with strangers on a trip. That’s a fun part of travel the people I meet as much as the places I visit. Good luck with your entry.

    • luv’d them both, but agree w stacy from gut response and no other. u’ve got what it takes and i hope u forge on w confidence in your writing abilities and with the joy of the journey u showed so clearly in your stories from abroad. keep on.

  10. I think they’re both terrific, but I vote for Here Piggy Piggy because it’s funny! Good luck!

  11. They’re both great, but I prefer the piggy one, mainly because it made me chuckle several times.

  12. Thanks so much everyone for the comments, and for those of you just getting to the post, keep them coming! It’s fascinating in and of itself to see what “hits” people and why. After all, is that not why we write?

    Just one clarification: I would be submitting this piece to be published in a book (remember those things?), so I don’t think there would be pictures included. Therefore, don’t let the quality (or lack thereof) of the photos influence your decision. It should be based on the writing only.

    I will have to revise whichever piece I choose for additional context, etc., so if you thought something key was missing – something that you wanted – from either post, you can let me know that too.

    Again, thanks so much everyone!

  13. Hello from one Julie to another. I think I’d go for the Cinque Terre piece (one day I’ll hike that route) because it is more about the relationship with another traveler than just about a place. The pig trail is hot and hard and you tell it well, but travel stories are more universal when they’re about making connections.

    By the way, where are you submitting?

    • I’m submitting to the publisher of The Best Women’s Travel Writing. It’s probably a long shot, but since they are open to unsolicited submissions I thought, “Why not?”

  14. Definitely; “Here Piggy Piggy”
    1. Because it impregnates a sense of actually hugging the hike for dear life with you.
    2. It was delightful,and humorously written.
    3. It brings Robert Frost’s writings into remembrance.
    And last but not least #4 When cooking a savory refection sure to please various,differing palates,everyone knows it boils down to the:
    Unless you are Orthodox Jew, or Muslim, maybe.

    • Thanks for your highly entertaining comment. And yes, bacon does make everything better. American bacon was one of the few things I missed during my time in Italy.

  15. Good things happen when you say “why not?” So, best of luck to you. I like both pieces but I am going to vote with the pig story. It made me laugh and recall a friend of mine who snapped on a trip to Italy after struggling with the language barrier one too many times!

    Good luck!


  16. I liked both stories, but I think the Here Piggy, Piggy one is stronger. Best of luck!

  17. My preference is Here Piggy, Piggy. It’s the more visual and suspenseful, made me climb with you, is very nicely humorous. Shows your thinking and your personality.

  18. I also vote for Here Piggy, Piggy. Like “bagnidilucca,” I felt your fellow hiker (while interesting) made the story more meandering and a little less gripping. Here Piggy, Piggy was tightly written with a good mix of humor and drama.

    [And you are collecting quite a queue of comments here, so don’t feel like you need to spotlight my blog.] 🙂

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