This is the first year Em has been able to write her own Christmas list for Santa.  She also helped her brother by writing his.  Here it is, complete with translation! I thought it would be fun to save their lists from year to year.

Em’s list
1. ugly dolly
2. arryil that can go into woder and king triton (Ariel that can go into water and king Triton)
3. stuft anamoll puppy (stuffed animal puppy)
4. snow white and pockuhnis and moolon (Snow White and Pocahontas and Mulan)
5. a sled that can go Sig and Sag, plys! (a sled that can go zig and zag, please!)
6. popsicl stics for my cerrafst (popsicle sticks for my crafts)
7. a set of morcers (a set of markers)

Jay’s list (as written by Em)
1. a big toy bote (a big toy boat)
2. a sa that macs nos (a saw that makes noise)
3. a toy plan that can flii with a cincerl (a toy plane that can fly with a control)
4. a toy truck on the cunpooder (a toy truck on the computer)
5. a ras cer tak with a ras cerr (a race car track with a race car)
6. a bldoser (a bulldozer)
7. bako (a backhoe)

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  1. Hi Julie – We also wrote out Santa letters this morning – and I’m ashamed to say I had to open Sarah’s to check her address was legible. Her handwriting was beautiful and I felt so ashamed of myself. They’ve also made Santa presents so he doesn’t feel left out when he comes down the chimney!

    Your letters are beautiful.

    Love to all.

  2. Lara,

    Better to check than to risk her not getting a response right? I like the idea of Santa presents. What kind of things do they make? Also, God Bless You for leaving a comment on my blog. It’s still new and thus a little lonely yet. 🙂

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