Hello my dear blog.  How I have neglected you these past few weeks!  My deepest apologies.  You see, between my birthday celebrations and getting ready for our trip to Italy, I’ve barely had time to think, much less write.

My baby graduates from preschool

Quick update: We had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend with family celebrating my birthday and Jay’s preschool graduation, running the Bolder Boulder, eating out, grilling, drinking wine, playing yard games and making lots of merry.  After the weekend, life turned  full throttle toward our travel preparations.  I am not kidding when I say every minute of every day was spent getting ready to close the house down for 7 weeks. But we just spent a wonderful weekend in Michigan celebrating my cousin’s wedding and then came here to Virginia to see Phil’s side of the family and get the kids settled.  I will be at the airport, checked in for my flight to Rome in two hours!  It’s hard to believe it’s finally happening.

Family photo before the wedding

In the midst of this tsunami of excitement and preparation, I haven’t gotten much writing done.  That’s why you haven’t seen many posts about writing.  Hard to write about your writing process if there’s no writing getting done. (whew! try saying that 5 times fast!).  Before the kids arrive, I’ll have time with just Phil and then a week on my own, so I am very much hoping to get the creative juices flowing then.  I am truly hoping to keep up on the blog as best I can — at a minimum to post pictures and provide short updates on our adventure.  The posts are not likely to include much about writing for the next few weeks.  There will, however, be lots about Italy — the food, the people, the views, the art, the culture.  So if you are interested, I invite you to journey along with us virtually.  I will try to visit as many of your blogs as possible, but please forgive me if I get behind.  I doubt if I’ll be spending very much time in front of the computer on this trip, but I promise I’ll re-engage upon my return.

I chose the word “Ciao” for this post because it means both hello and goodbye in Italian.  It is simultaneously a greeting and a farewell, which seems very apt.  So, ciao to you all.  Ci vediamo a presto!!

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  1. Have a WONDERFUL time!!! 🙂

  2. Have a wonderful time! come back with lots of stories and inspiration!

  3. Ciao to you, dear friend! Have the most amazing trip ever. I will be thinking about you and living vicariously. Safe travels. XO

  4. I will be extremely disappointed if you spend your “free time” in Italy with your face facing a computer screen.


  5. Apparently it’s not good to blog about just writing anyway and your life is much more interesting. Don’t worry about the writing, I bet all this travel is great for the creative juices 🙂

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