This page was born as a result of many authors asking me questions about tools, resources and services I’ve used for my blog, website, writing and more.  Some of the links in this page are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. I highly recommend these people, products and services because I personally find them useful. However, products and services are not “one size fits all.” Do your research and make sure you think these will work for you before dedicating any dollars. Thanks!

Videos for Writers – Yes You DO Need Them!

VIBC_200Badge-Aff1I’d been convinced for a while that videos are a hugely powerful way to connect with your audience and readers, Video is today what blogging was 5 years ago – the way to build relationships and get noticed online. But I could. not. make. a video to save my life. UNTIL I took author/illustrator Katie Davis’ Video Idiot Boot Camp course. You’ll have to see my transformation to believe it. So click here to see my video testimonial.


Screenflow3-IconOnce you’re doing video, if you’re a Mac user check out Screenflow. You can use Screenflow to record, edit, and export your videos. If a non-techie like me can use it, anybody can!

Finally, LeadPlayer is a fantastic WordPress plugin that allows you to add opt-in links and/or calls to action in videos that you embed on your blog or website. My Video Idiot Boot Camp and Writer’s Renaissance videos demonstrate both of these LeadPlayer features.

For Children’s Writers

Once upon a time I met  . Not only did we become great friends, but I found she offers a plethora of AMAZING products for writers, including (but not limited to)  How to Promote Your Children’s Book: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Create a Bestseller, which is the source on marketing your books, IMHO!


I’ve been a subscriber to  CBI logofor at least four years. Their monthly newsletter is second to none in the industry. If you’re not subscribing, you’re missing out on HUGE opportunities – all for less than $5 a month. One resource of theirs I go back to again and again is The Children’s Writer’s Big Book of How To. When they say big, they mean BIG!

Emma Walton Hamilton

is the NYT bestselling author of, among many other titles with her mother Julie Andrews, The Very Fairy Princess series. Children’s writers can join The Children’s Book Hub and reap the benefit of Emma’s extensive experience as an author and editor via monthly webinars, interviews and Q & As. What’s more, Emma offers a phenomenal online 8 week picture book writing course called Just Write for Kids, dealing with everything from finding ideas, creating compelling characters, writing excellent narrative and dialogue and finally, editing your work.

Storybook App Resources

All children’s authors should be educating themselves about digital publishing. Why? Because children born today will grow up as “digital natives,” and will be consuming more and more of their books and other media on digital devices (can you tell I’m passionate about this? 🙂 I myself have entered the market with my own apps, and here are some products that you can explore to determine whether writing a storybook app is for you.

Template for Storybook App ProposalsJulie Hedlund’s Template for Storybook App Proposals. You knew I had to lead with my own, right? Rather than repeat it here, you can click this link and get all the details about this product.

While I chose to work with an e-publisher, and that is the focus of my template, author Karen Robertson took a DIY approach, hiring a developer for her Treasure Kai series. Her Author’s Guide to Book Apps is a great complement to my template.

appmarketbookKaren Robertson has also written “the bible” on book app marketing in How to Market a Book App. I think this book is a must even if you don’t yet have an app to promote because it will teach you what’s at stake before you even get started. If my copy wasn’t on my kindle, it would be very dog-eared and page-worn by now!

For ALL Writers

scrivenerI once was lost in my longer writing projects, but now I’ve found Scrivener. I will never, ever compose anything in Word ever. again. Note: I use the Mac version. Scrivener does have a Windows version now, but I have NOT used it, so therefore cannot make any claims about its benefits and features.  

If you, like me, want to use your writing not only as a means of expression but as a means of living a life of your own design,travelhacking-125 then you must check out Chris Guillebeau’s Unconventional Guides. I’ve read all of his books and have never failed to be inspired. Furthermore, I’m a charter member of his Travel Hacking Cartel, which I’ve used to accumulate many, many frequent flier miles.

evernoteEvernote is a great tool, and not just because they have an elephant head for a logo. It’s really the standard for clipping notes, photos and research and keeping everything in order. I didn’t understand how to use it effectively, however, until I got Evernote Essentials. It’s a 95-page guide that will help you get the most out of this robust tool.

Fun Stuff

Want an eye-catching, fun way to promote your book or blog or website every time you send an email? Use Wisestamp and create an email signature like mine. It’s fully customizable with loads of options and works for almost all email clients.

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