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Here is an example of how my kids inspire me to write children’s books (more about that in upcoming posts).

Every once in a while at our house, we have a “deli” dinner – sandwich fixings, fruit, cut veggies, pickles, etc.  My kids LOVE deli dinners because they get to choose what goes on their plates.  I also think they enjoy them because of the break from routine.  Nobody is asking them to try new foods or eat three more bites.  It seems both reckless and festive at the same time.

When Em was four, she couldn’t remember the word “deli.”  We were driving home from her preschool and had this conversation:

Em: “What’s for dinner, Mom?’

Me: “Oh, ham, turkey, cheese, bread, raspberries, nuts.  We’ll just get out a lot of stuff out and make it like a picnic.”

Em: “Oh, you mean a Dilly Dally dinner. Yay!”

The name stuck.  And you know what?  She’s right.  It is a dilly dally dinner.  Less time cooking, serving, jumping up from the table eighty times, supervising food consumption, deflecting complaints and scrubbing pots, pans and plates.  More time talking, laughing, telling jokes and making plans.  Everyone leaves the table happier and more relaxed than when they got there.

One day I will write a book with the title, The Dilly Dally Dinner. I see it as a funny, silly story that still captures the notion that sometimes slowing down, taking things less seriously and doing something old in a new way can lead to unexpected joy.

Dedicated to Em of course.

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