Elizabeth Harding of Curtis Brown LTD will be accepting picture book submissions from 12 x 12 members in May.

HardingI am fortunate to have gotten to know Elizabeth Harding a bit because one of my good friends, Katie Davis, is a client of hers. Plus, she and I are both Michigan graduates (Go Blue!), so already I know she must be awesome. 🙂 In all of my interactions with her, she’s been encouraging, kind and supportive.

You won’t find a great deal of information about Elizabeth online in part because, paraphrasing Katie, ‘she spends her time working hard on behalf of her clients.’ Although she does accept submissions, she does not actively seek new clients, so this is a fantastic opportunity for 12 x 12 members.

One way to learn more about Elizabeth is to purchase a webinar Katie did with Elizabeth entitled, Top 3 Insider Secrets to Getting an Agent. I attended the live webinar, and Elizabeth answers LOADS of questions including how an agent evaluates an author’s online presence. The great thing is that this webinar not only gives you a sense of what Elizabeth looks for, but helps with all aspects of the agent search process.

A little bit about Elizabeth from the Curtis Brown website:

Elizabeth Harding represents authors and illustrators of juvenile, middle-grade and young adult fiction at Curtis Brown. Elizabeth started at the agency as an assistant to the legendary Marilyn E. Marlow, and she has been at Curtis Brown for more than fifteen years. Elizabeth represents New York Times bestsellers, Newbery, National Book Award, Printz,and Coretta Scott King honor and award winners. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and lives in Manhattan with her husband, three sons and a crazy Vizsla.

From Elizabeth’s profile on Publishers Marketplace:

I actively am seeking new clients in the areas of children’s fiction and non-fiction (chapter books, middle grade and YA) and picture books.

Full 12 x 12 submission guidelines and requirements for Elizabeth will be posted in the Submission Station section of the 12 x 12 Membership Forum, accessible to Little GOLDen Book members by 2:00 p.m. EST on April 30th. In the meantime, here are some links with more information about Elizabeth.
Good Luck!
Elizabeth’s profile on the Curtis Brown website
Elizabeth’s profile on Publishers Marketplace
Follow Elizabeth on Twitter
Elizabeth on LinkedIn
Listed as a Top 20 Middle Grade Fiction Agent at Fiction Notes
A short list of published works from Elizabeth’s clients
Elizabeth presented a book at last year’s Bologna Children’s Book Festival – article by Publishers Weekly
Elizabeth is the featured agent in Katie Davis’ “Top 3 Secrets to Getting an Agent” video seminar: “Top 3 Secrets to Getting an Agent”
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  1. Great introduction. Thanks for getting such a wonderful agent for us to submit to.

  2. Cool! Too bad I am not a GOLD… 🙁

  3. It would be an absolute dream to be represented by Ms. Harding! Thank you, Julie, for bringing this opportunity to us!

  4. Excellent introduction. Even for those of us who didn’t purchase the Gold plan, it’s wonderful to learn about people in the industry. Good luck to all who get a chance to submit.

  5. To have Ms. Harding as part of the 12×12 clan is a fabulous coo Julie. Once again you’ve outdone yourself 🙂
    By the way, I Googled Vizsla and not only would I like Ms. Harding to represent me I want one of those too.

  6. Thank you Julie for another wonderful opportunity and all the great links.

  7. Wow, Gold members ready your ‘best’ stories now! :0)

  8. Three boys? She not only knows the industry, she knows what young readers like to read! I’m so grateful she signed on for 12×12.

  9. Wow! Nice to learn of people in this business. What on earth is a Vizsla?

  10. Great post and intro to a great May agent, Julie…and one who loves dogs.
    Couldn’t get better!
    ( A vizsla, PatientDreamer, is a beautiful breed of hungarian pointer. )

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