Beleaguered picture book writers everyone have all heard the news that today’s picture book market is tougher than overcooked meat. Many such writers pine for a literary agent that will help them make those ever-elusive sales — myself included. Reading profile after profile of agents who are not seeking new picture book clients gets discouraging, but we know that PB agents are out there.  Many real-life PB writers do, in fact, have agents.  So in order to bolster the sagging spirits of aspiring picture book writers, I have ripped a page out of Chuck Sambuchino’s book (of Guide to Literary Agents fame) book and created my own “How I Got My Agent” blog series.  My series focuses exclusively on picture book writers and how they found their agents, complete with tips for those of us still searching.  Here are the writers, and here are their stories:

Corey Schwartz

Tiffany Strelitz Haber

Tara Lazar

Susanna Leonard Hill

Linda Ashman and Agent Jennifer Mattson

Jean Reidy

Sue Fliess

Julie Hedlund (that’s me!)

Pat Miller

Julie Falatko

Carter Higgins

Emily Lim

Jackie Kramer

Laura Gehl

Marcie Colleen

Penny Klostermann

Natasha Wing

Teresa Robeson

Kaye Baillie

Julie Rowan-Zoch

Tim McCanna

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