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Me after I finished a tough mogul run today

Lindsay Vonn I am not.  However, I had a great day of skiing today, even if my thighs are on fire now (and not in a good way).  We are staying with friends in Keystone this weekend to get our final fill of winter.  To be honest, skiing has been a struggle ever since I had kids.  I just haven’t been able to recapture the glory days of my youth.  Part of it is the fear factor.  It’s more difficult for me to take the kind of risks I used to because I want my kids to have a mother growing up.  Part of it is not being in as good of shape as I was.

Today, though, I was the least accomplished skier of the three of us, so I got to push myself.  I always have more fun that way, and despite spending a great deal of the day on my derriere, it was a blast.  Next year I’m really going to start pushing it again.  I figure I have about two more years to get my act together before my kids start smoking me.

Which leads me to another piece of good news to report: Em finally, finally, FINALLY made it to the blue level.  She skied all blues today.  I was beginning to think I would never see the day.  This is her fourth year of lessons, and – hallelujah! – she’s off the greens.  We all had a great day today, despite the following glitches:

  • Em complained all morning about having to go to ski school.  She remained sullen and somber on the ski bus, and laid down on the floor when we arrived to check in.  She came beaming back into the condo after having an excellent day, and said the magic words all parents love to hear: “You were right, Mommy.  I did have fun.”
  • Jay peed his pants at 1:15, causing me to have to ski all the way down the mountain to go pick him up and bring him home.  He refused to put on pants afterward, so we found him wrapped up in a blanket in the corner.  Convincing him to put on his wet pants for the ride home was a chore.  Bad me for forgetting to bring him a change of clothes.
  • Due to the “code yellow,” discussed above, I failed to have my apres beer at the base lodge.  Luckily, I am rectifying that now by having one as I write this post.

It is supposed to snow all night, so I look forward to putting my legs through further agony tomorrow on a powder day!  I figure if Lindsay can ski through her injury to win a gold, I can at least haul my carcass out to the mountain for another good day of skiing.

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