I’m finding it difficult to believe that, because I missed a couple of Sundays recently, my 100th Gratitude Sunday post is now sandwiched between Friday’s tragic events in Connecticut and the Mayan’s forecasted end of the world.

I already said my piece about Newtown, and I expect to wake up on the morning of December 22nd. I wouldn’t mind if the world was altered so that what took place in Connecticut on Friday could never happen again. But I think we’ll find that it’s still up to us to create that world. One way to do that is to continue practicing gratitude.

I made this video a month ago as a gift to everyone who reads this blog. It’s comprised of some of my favorite quotes on gratitude. All of them have appeared in a Gratitude Sunday post at some point over the past two years.

I will warn you that a few of these quotes might seem difficult to accept in the aftermath of tragedy. Yet, that is why we call it a gratitude “practice.” Feeling, much less expressing, gratitude is not always easy. But as I’ve said before, it’s in the face of hardship that the practice is most important.

Here is the video. I hope it uplifts you now and whenever you might come back to watch it.

What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. Thank you, Julie, for this and for reminding us weekly that we have to consciously turn our minds toward gratitude. Congratulations on your 100th gratitude post! I am so grateful for you and for all that you do for us and for the writing world and beyond. I’m grateful for your thoughtful, insightful words such as those you posted yesterday. And I’m grateful for the community of writers who have gathered around you, of whom I’m glad to be a part.

    I’m grateful for love, and for friendship, and for the hundreds of intangible things that keep us going.

  2. The gratitude video is excellent. Such important things to remember!

  3. Julie your post Guardians of Childhood was one of the most eloquent pieces of writing I have read – congratulations.

  4. Julie…you are our video queen!!!! I loved all of the quotes you picked…and you are so right, even with the tragedy of Newtown, we MUST be grateful for sunrise and sunset and smiles…the sunrise and sunset are in God’s hands (at least until 12/22/12 :)…and the smiles are in ours…so here are mine to you. :):):):)

  5. What a lovely video, Julie. I love all those quotes. You are right, I think, that it’s especially important at times like these to remember and be conscious of all you have to be grateful for.

  6. thanks for the regular reminders to focus on gratitude. Even this weekend there are things to appreciate. I must focus on them. and my prayers for the families.

  7. Love the video. I just take life one day at a time, so we’ll see what 12/21/12 brings our way. I always appreciate the gratitude posts.

  8. Wonderful video! I like the Albert Einstein quote! šŸ™‚ I do not believe in the ending of the world (I don;t want to die while I’m 2 days from my birthday!!! Plus, it’s just rubbish!!!) or the zombie apocalypse (why? well, it’s impossible!!!). Happy Sunday! šŸ™‚

  9. This is beautiful, Julie…thank you! It’s so important to treasure each moment we are given in life, and each person that comes across our path. Especially our family!

  10. Lovely video, Julie! I expect the 21st will be like every other Friday before Christmas, and am looking forward to lots of laughter during the gift exchange at work that day. šŸ™‚ Thank you for this little reminder of all that’s good in the wake of tragedy.

  11. Beautifully done. Thank you.

  12. Beautiful. Thank you for reminding us to be grateful, even in the midst of tragedy.

  13. Beautiful video. Thanks.

  14. Gosh, just as well I came back to read this again, I left a comment, but it didn’t like me…lol.
    YOU dear lady are the sweetheart and centerpiece of this group, what makes it tick! Thankyou for this lovely gift.

  15. That was beautiful, Julie. Thank you for taking the time to put that together for us. šŸ™‚

  16. Great selection of posts Julie. The Einstein quote has been a favorite of mine since my teens.
    It’s true that encouragements like this sometimes seem thin in light of tragedy or heartbreak, but they are ropes woven from truth that God uses to haul us up from pits of despair.
    We hang on, while God pulls.
    Jeremiah 17:16

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