It's Here! It's Here!

It’s Here! It’s Here!

You know, I had a whole long list of things I was grateful for this week, not the least of which was getting to see Katie Davis this week, but I’m so wound up right now I can’t see straight much less write a coherent post! Why?

Because A TROOP IS A GROUP OF MONKEYS was published on the iTunes store today!!!

I am a published author – for real.

I could write 1000 posts and not be able to fully express my gratitude to the many, many people who have helped me along the way to making that statement. At the very least, however, I must thank Stacey Williams-Ng at Little Bahalia Publishing for loving my story as much as I did and for bringing her creative genius to the project, to Pamela Baron for the gorgeous illustrations and to Tim McCanna for the catchy, addictive tune.

The making of this app was a team effort, and that team includes all of my friends, family and colleagues who have put up with me through cheers and tears and everything in between.

Okay, I realize this is starting to sound like an Oscars speech so I’ll stop now before the music starts shooing me offstage.


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  1. You deserve to make an Oscars speech! So happy for you. You’ve worked hard for this, and it’s so good to see your work paying off. *standing ovation*

  2. Don’t let the orchestra play you off the stage. Stay up there and soak it all in! We like you. We really really like you!

  3. We got a copy moments after I saw a note that it was available. My son listened to it three times. He loved the animals. Well, he said the snakes were “disgusting.” Congratulations! It’s a wonderful app.

  4. Congratulations, Julie! It’s so exciting, and I am sure, well deserved. A Troop is a Group of Monkey’s looks like an adorable book.

  5. HI Julie. Congratulations. Yes, it is exciting. You have worked hard and deserve to bathe in your excitement. I

  6. It is VERY cute!! Way to go, Julie :•)

  7. Thank YOU Julie for adding to the literary canon of our little fledgling imprint. We hope to be well-known as a great content provider one day, and it’s only going to happen if we keep finding talent like yours. *applause*

  8. Bravo, Julie! I can’t wait to see it. Congratulations!

  9. FAN-TASTIC!!!!!! You GO girl!!! Ronnie

  10. The crowd began to applaud after her heartfelt words of gratitude. Some who had followed Julie thru her unfolding career, with tears rolling into the corners of their smiles, rose to their feet. The mass of admirers replied with scattered cheers as the full assembly stood and the applause became thunderous. And then one writer loudly proclaimed to another thru the din, “An inspiration is a crowd of fans!”. Congratulations Julie. The honors are well deserved and your accomplishment is much appreciated.

  11. Many, many congratulations, Julie! You have every reason to be proud, and we have every reason to cheer you on!

  12. Woo Hooooo! Congratulations, Julie! Enjoy every moment!

  13. Congratulations, Julie…FANTASTIC!!! Stacy had it on her ipad (?) at our SCBWI meeting today…everyone LOVED it and was so impressed with what you’ve done. The interactive play is great, your words are so fun (and educational), the little song had us dancing around. Kudos to you and Little Bahalia for a job well-done! I shared this post everywhere.:)

  14. Congratulations!!! What great news!

  15. YAY!!! Congrats!!!! Is it available for iPod Touches too?

  16. Congratulations Julie; I’m so happy to be learning from such a talented woman! :0)

  17. Yay! You did it! That’s so exciting. 😀

  18. I’m so happy for you Julie! Congratulations!!!
    p.s. We bought it last night yay! Although, not sure if I could read it on my iphone. Is it possible? Or is it for ipad only?

  19. Congratulations Julie. I’m very excited for you! I’ll definitely be checking out your book. 🙂 God Bless, Angie

  20. Soon excited for you, Julie! I’m looking forward to reading it…and gifting one to my grandson He LOVES monkeys!

  21. Hooray! *throws confetti* Lifting a glass in your honor, my dear. Can’t wait to see how it all came together!!

  22. Came over from Nancy’s SLTW. Congratulations!! I am going to buy the app today for me, just 61 year old me so that I can smile at it whenever I want.. 🙂 Darling!!

  23. Oh, how exciting! I’ll look for it then. Thank you Stacey.

  24. That is most wonderful! Reval in your hard work leading to such an awesome accomplishnent!



  25. Congrats on the release of your storybook app! Looks so cute!

  26. Yay! A perfect Oscar speech! 🙂 Congrats on this HUGE accomplishment!! 🙂

  27. Happy dances all ’round!!! I feel your happiness, right down to the bone!

  28. Great news, Julie. Congratulations! Go monkeys.

  29. Hip hip hooray, Julie! What a wonderful feeling you must be having these days!!! Many, many congratulations and much success with this and future work!

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