New hoodie at the lake in MI

New hoodie at the lake in MI

Wow, I think it’s been a month since I’ve done a Gratitude Sunday post and I’ve missed them! It’s been because of travel and summer and the kids off of school. But I’m ready to get back in the saddle. 🙂 So this week’s list includes events from June and the first week of July. I hope YOU all are having a great summer so far.

Quotes on Gratitude

“Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.” — George Sand

“You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.” — Eckhart Tolle

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” — Roald Dahl

Gratitude list for all of June and the first week of July!

  1. I had a fantabulous time at the NJ-SCBWI conference hanging out with many of my 12 x 12 peeps and speaking about
    Jay on a horse for the first time

    Jay on a horse for the first time

    storybook apps. 

  2. Katie Davis gave me 200 12 x 12 pins to hand out to members at conferences, etc. The BEST gift!
  3. Right after the conference, my second storybook app, A SHIVER OF SHARKS, was released — just in time for summer.
  4. Shortly thereafter, A TROOP IS A GROUP OF MONKEYS was named a top 50 app for kids by The Guardian!
  5. My mother had a full knee replacement surgery, and not only is she recovering very well, but she can WALK again!
  6. A friend gave me a book and a Michigan hoodie for no reason other than he thought I would like them.
  7. I spent 5 days with just Jay up in the mountains riding horses, hiking, swimming and bonding. Mother-son time doesn’t seem to come as often as mother-daughter, and I was glad to have the time with him.
  8. Enjoyed a girl’s night out with some of my book club friends on a gorgeous evening.
  9. I am now in Northern Michigan enjoying the lake, my kids, my stepmother and the perfect summer weather.With 12xers in NJ!
  10. I get to look forward to another great vacation with the kiddos in Northern California in late July AND the SCBWI summer conference in LA.

What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. Where are you in Michigan? We just got back from Glen Arbor, had never been there before. Other than the scariness of having to check the kids for ticks each day (sorry, California girl here!), we had a great time. Cheers to a summer full of vacations (what part of NorCal are you visiting?), now that is something to be grateful for!!!

  2. Sounds fab! I’m wearing a top just like your dress. Isn’t blue lovely.

  3. Only been to Michigan once, in the north, and loved it – hope you are soaking up what you can!

  4. I’m especially grateful for your Mom’s great recovery. I’m heading in for knee replacement surgery this week, and I’m reassured by her success.

  5. Sounds like this has been a fabulous summer for you so far. Congratulations on the book release and the app thingey mabob. I wish I was in the mountains with you camping, hiking, horseback riding, etc. It looks like a blast.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  6. I am grateful to be seeing you in less than a month! I’m working out my biceps to train for all that wine-glass lifting.

  7. Just goes to show that Summer times gives another reason to hangout with the loved ones and spend some quality time with them. This is something that everyone needs to be grateful of. Quality family time is such a rare thing to accommodate these days. Have a great time Julie.

  8. I love that Roald Dahl quote! This entire post is lovely, in fact. See you soon in LA! 🙂

  9. Julie, I love your Gratitude Sunday posts…I totally understand about the mother-son time. So glad you are having what sounds like an awesome summer!

  10. Have fun in beautiful Northern MI. I can’t wait to head up to Petosky in a few weeks! Also, I loved seeing your son on a horse for the first time. I hope he enjoyed it.

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