Kickstarter Campaign Page at the time of this posting!

Kickstarter Campaign Page at the time of this posting!

The big event for me this week was achieving full funding for our Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of MY LOVE FOR YOU IS THE SUN!! I am grateful for each and every person who supported us, and not just the backers, but everyone who blogged, tweeted, shared and otherwise spread the word and/or offered moral support. It’s not over yet – we still have 2+ weeks to go – but it’s such a blessing to know we have funding for the book and to turn our focus to building our audience.

Quotes on Gratitude

“I have noticed that the Universe loves Gratitude. The more Grateful you are, the more goodies you get.” — Louise L. Hay

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” — Marianne Williamson

“Let’s trade in all our judging for appreciating. Let’s lay down our righteousness and just be together.” — Ram Dass

Gratitude list for the week ending 11/22

  1. MY LOVE FOR YOU IS THE SUN is funded! It will be published!
  2. The look on my kids’ faces when I told them we got our funding
  3. Celebratory dinner with my mom and kids

    Mid-swing with the Kettle Bell at Crossfit

    Mid-swing with the Kettle Bell at Crossfit

  4. The outpouring of congratulations and cheer from our community of supporters
  5. My copies of A TROOP IS A GROUP OF MONKEYS have arrived! If you pre-ordered from me, you’ll be getting your book very soon!
  6. My new Crossfit classes. They are almost unendurably painful, but I feel so fantastic when I’m finished! It feels good to be getting back into shape.
  7. Winter weather – I’m ready for ski season!
  8. Popcorn, hot chocolate and a movie with the kids on a cold night
  9. The movie in question – The Wizard of Oz
  10. Falling in love with and finishing a book that gripped me like no other has in quite some time.

What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. Besides being grateful for your amazing achievement in being fully funded already (Congratulations!), I’m grateful this week that I had a breakthrough with the novel I’ve been working on, and the revisions are suddenly a joy instead of a chore.

  2. Huge congratulations for this professional and open kickstarter campaign success, Juliee. I am thankful that we belong to a community where we can celebrate each other’s achievements big and small!

  3. Congratulations on the campaign. I’m grateful for a date night.

  4. Congratulations Julie (and Beth)! I’m very happy about this project. Today I reread a poem my husband wrote for me shortly after we met, and I felt overwhelming gratitude toward the whole wide world. One of the lines reads, “Some people go their entire lives never having seen their flower.” I always appreciate your gratitude posts, so thank you.

  5. Each success is a step toward the next! Julie, I’m glad (and grateful) you allowed us to be a part of the process of getting your book into the hands of children everywhere.:)

    I’m grateful for my critique groups whose support and encouragement recharges me. I’m grateful for my decision to make 2014 the year to FOCUS on my picture book writing.

    I’m also grateful that our move is completed and my husband and I survived…both physically and emotionally…it was an enormous strain, not only on our bodies (not as young as we used to be), but also on our relationship. We walk away from the experience, but fortunately, not from each other…although it was touch-and-go for a while. 🙂

  6. Congrats on a super week, Julie! I’m grateful for fun family outings and movie nights and popcorn too.

  7. Woot! Excited to be a small part of your exciting project Julie!!!

  8. congrats on your success! One thing certainly leads to another. Btw, what was the gripping book you read?

  9. So pleased for you Julie! If anyone could pull this off, you could. You seem to do it effortlessly, althought I know you put a lot of work into the project.

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