In light of the events in Japan this week, it seems trivial to say anything other than, “I am grateful that my family, my friends and my home are all safe.”  NPR has a list of organizations accepting donations for the relief effort.  Consider making a donation to one of them to help the many Japanese impacted by this tragedy.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily drudgery and drama of life, but my gratitude practice for this week will be to keep in mind what is truly important.

Enjoy your week and cherish your loved ones.

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  1. Wonderful post, Julie.

    It’s been a hard week on the planet. Peace to all sentient beings..

  2. Great idea. It’s mind boggling to see what has happened there.

  3. How right you are, Julie. Thanks for the list.

  4. Well said Julie. How precious life is.

  5. It definitely puts everything else into perspective, doesn’t it?

  6. Thanks for posting this!


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