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Welcome to this week’s Gratitude Sunday post.

Quotes on Gratitude

“I am eternally grateful… for my knack of finding great books, some of them very funny books, reason enough to feel honored to be alive…” — Kurt Vonnegut

“I walk ahead of myself in perpetual expectancy of miracles.” — Anais Nin

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” — Anne Frank

Gratitude List for the week ending October 22

  1. Fun day of Halloween window painting in downtown Lafayette with the kids yesterday.  Jay was finished in 15 minutes.  Em spent 3 hours!  Luckily it was gorgeous outside and we were painting the window of a restaurant.  They brought us

    Jay's Masterpiece


  2. Can I just say it again? We have had the most spectacular fall weather. Every day is sunny and 70 degrees and the colors are phenomenal.  Looks like we’ll get 2-3 more days before the cold weather blows in.
  3. Both kids got rave reviews at Parent-Teacher conferences this week.  Em is reading at near-sixth grade level and Jay is learning to contain his “big personality” (teacher’s quote) in order to pay attention and concentrate in class.
  4. Pizza dinner outside with the kids, followed by A Dolphin Tale movie.  The movie is amazing! Everyone should see it.
  5. I bought a KILLER “little black dress” that will be my uniform for meetings, dinners out, etc.  It can be worn in every season, dressed up or down, worn with boots, sandals or heels.  In other words, one of those rare pieces that is just perfect.  Seldom do I get so excited about purchases I make, but this one is an exception.
  6. I got a freelance writing assignment for an upcoming trip.
  7. I made a delicious Bucatini with Amatriciana sauce (which the kids ate almost every day in Italy), which we ate while sipping red wine (the adults) and listening to Luciano Pavarotti.
  8. I got very positive feedback from an author/mentor on one of my manuscripts.  I really needed that at this particular point in time.
  9. I had a great time volunteering at the school Book Fair.  It’s always fun to see which books the kids pick and talk to them about their choices.
  10. Although I don’t have much time to study, I’m enjoying my Italian classes.

What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. So many good things, Julie. Glad you are keeping up the Italian e le ricette italiane! Great news on the cool feedback from your author/mentor!

    I am also thankful for a busy, successful author being willing to look at a manuscript and a new idea – my first attempt at a picture book full of humour!

  2. I love humorous PBs – my favorite! Good luck to you.

  3. Wonderful list! Love Em’s masterpiece . . . Halloween is FUN!

    I’m pretty sure that “A Dolphin Tale” is in our queue ~ if not, I’ll add it.

  4. Great list – lots of fun and the black dress sounds perfect. I’m grateful my hubby suggested I make a chocolate cake from scratch rather than a box. We’ll see how it tastes later today.

    • How did it taste? I’m not much of a baker to begin with, but I’m useless at altitude. Every time I try to make a cake it sinks in the middle. If you have any secrets, do share!

  5. Wow, MOM. what a mom you are 🙂 . I miss those days.

    I’m thankful for the SCBWI conference I got to attend yesterday. And I’m so grateful for my writer’s group! I found I have learned so much from them. I continue to be thankful for them for all they’ve taught me and for the continued support they give.

    Congrats on that author validation. They mean so much.

  6. It all sounds wonderful! So glad you got great feedback on your manuscript!
    I know you write children’s books and you mentioned freelance, does that mean you dabble in both fiction and non-fiction? I’m torn between the two and just trying to work it all out:) Hope wana1011 will help some!
    Love your blog.

    • I do write both, although I’m a bit further along in the children’s writing genre. I don’t subscribe to the view that writers need to limit themselves to one kind of writing. I think it’s absurd, in fact. Writing is an art like any other, and it’s only by experimenting and challenging ourselves in different areas that we can excel.

      Marketers will say otherwise, so this is IMHO.

  7. Great list, Julie. Your children could do your illos 🙂 Have fun with it all!

    • I tried to get my daughter to do illos for me on one piece that I was just going to put together at Kinkos for fun, but she got too self-conscious. Perhaps when she’s older…

  8. What a wonderful list! Sounds like you had a great week 🙂

  9. Congratulations on #’s 6 and 8. What great news! 🙂

    This week I’m grateful for good friends, colored sidewalk chalk, and a really, really good book that I can’t put down.

  10. What a fantastic list, Julie. I love your blog.

    This week I’m particularly thankful for the health of my loved ones, a productive writing week (getting to do what I love) and new friends. Also appreciate this reminder to count and celebrate our blessings. Thanks, Julie!

  11. This is a great post Julie–love the idea of gratitude lists! We try to do it at the dinner table as often as we can–it always amazes me easy it is to let the bad stuff run away with our day.
    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog and sharing your comments 🙂
    Much gratitude!!

    • Yes, we used to do a “thankful for” game at the end of the day. Your comment makes me think now would be a good time to start that back up.

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