What a week! A wonderful Thanksgiving in Virginia with the in-laws, a dinner out with my best friend, and MICHIGAN BEAT OHIO STATE! Since this is the first time I’ve been able to say that in SEVEN years, please indulge my desire to share some of the players’ post-game quotes.

Quotes on Gratitude for Winning the Game!

“My dream has always been to catch a touchdown in the Michigan/Ohio State game, and I finally did that. It means a lot to me and my family. It was a great play call. I was fortunate to slip inside the d-end, ran to the corner wide open, and Denard [Robinson] found me.” — Senior Tight End Kevin Koger

“I was out there playing for the seniors. I played my heart out, and the guys did too. That is what happened. I was just doing what I had to do. Playing for the seniors and playing for Michigan.” — Junior Quarterback Denard Robinson

“That was one of the best team games we’ve played regardless of the score, regardless of the stats. I… couldn’t be more proud of all the guys, every single player. I can probably speak for Mike [Martin – Senior Defensive Tackle] that we’ve been hoping since we were kids that we’d get the opportunity to win a Michigan-Ohio game and it’d be on our backs… It’s amazing. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.” — Fifth-Year Senior Defensive  End Ryan Van Bergen

Gratitude list for the week ending November 26

  1. Did I mention that MICHIGAN BEAT OHIO STATE???  Oh, well, in case you hadn’t heard, MICHIGAN BEAT OHIO STATE!
  2. We cooked the best Thanksgiving turkey yet. After two years, I’m now convinced the secret is to cook it breast-side down.
  3. It was also my BEST turkey gravy ever, and it is the dish I am famous for – my dad taught me his method years ago.
  4. My mother in-law made the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever eaten.
  5. I had dinner with my best friend.  As always, it wasn’t enough time but still very much appreciated.
  6. The four dogs my mother-in-law watched over the weekend, which helped us miss Rocky just a tiny bit less.
  7. Picking Rocky up at the kennel and seeing how excited he was to be home.
  8. Em finished Eragon – her first BIG book.  Now I’m reading it!
  9. My cousin waited for me to get home this weekend so we could see Breaking Dawn together. Yes, we’re Twitards (and Team Edward).
  10. Taking our two kids plus one of their cousins to Great Falls Park on Thanksgiving Day.  It’s so beautiful, and we hadn’t been there in years.

Be sure to come back tomorrow when the lovely Susanna Leonard Hill will participate in the How I Got My Agent series!

What are you grateful for this week?

Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me I'm the "shoelace" man!

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  1. I think football is something worthy of gratitude. Thank you for posting this on Sunday, the day I need the most reminder to look at the positive, and not think about Monday. I am definitely grateful for Thanksgiving dinner and my family. Plus, three days without rain! Yeah!

  2. Food is always near the top of my list too! 😛

  3. Family, food, and football . . . Life is good!!!

  4. Stacy S. Jensen (@StacySJensen)

    Grateful for family and friends. And, look forward to Susanna’s interview. I love this series.

  5. I’m watching the Canadian Football Final Game as I type this on Sunday afternoon. It’s funny – because I never paid any attention to football for years. but now that I’m single I can watch what I want. and I watch canadian football and Major League baseball. Interesting to see the focus on college football. we don’t have nearly the fervor for that sport but i’m sure it will come.

    great gratitude list. thanks for posting. good food is always worth mentioning. do you just turn the turkey over? do you have lots of dripping left for gravy cooking it that way? enquiring minds want to know because I’m always looking for a better way to cook turkey,

    • College football has a long, storied history in the States. I’m not convinced that it will take off anywhere else though. Although I love it dearly, I’m the first to admit it’s an odd sport in a lot of ways.

  6. Great list, Julie. Someday, when you’re up for doing a cooking-tips blog post, reveal all about your upside-down turkey cooking method.

  7. Glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! I just have one question: who won the Michigan/Ohio State game? 🙂 (Hurray for your team!)

  8. Great list, Julie! Thanks for the Turkey tip, though luckily I don’t have to cook the Turkey this Christmas. Popping over to the interview now 🙂

  9. Am a OSU fan, as that’s where I went to college. Sad we lost! Good Game. Can’t resist — Go Bucks! There will be next year. Otherwise I enjoyed your gratitude list! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Great post with Susanna.

    • Patricia – I went to Michigan, and it has been a sad, sad seven years for us. Glad it finally came to an end! Thanks for still supporting the list – lol!

  10. Woo-Hoo for #9!! I’ve seen it three times already and I am most definitely Team Edward! 🙂

  11. congrats on the football win! Somehow it just makes celebrating Thanksgiving so much more fun. In my family we watch the UF vs FSU game with particular attention.

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