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It’s been a big week – first full week of school, first full week of work. I’m grateful that we’ll be able to settle into a routine soon – however chaotic that routine will be.

Quotes on Gratitude

“The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It’s not complex or elaborate.” — Carlos Barrios

“Gratitude and love are always multiplied when you give freely. It is an infinite source of contentment and prosperous energy.” — Jim Fargiano

β€œThe cosmos is within us. We’re made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” — Carl Sagan

Gratitude list for the week ending August 25

  1. The big news I alluded to in an earlier Gratitude Sunday post has been finalized. And although I can’t reveal the specifics yet, I will be able to soon. I am grateful not only for the news, but for my anticipation in sharing it!
  2. Taking a “moonwalk” with my kids one evening and discovering a loaded apple tree
  3. Cooler weather as summer blends into fall
  4. Italian salami with red wine for an appetizer
  5. Publishing the web pages for my Writer’s Renaissance retreat in Florence, Italy!! I spent all week working on these. I had so much fun putting them together, and I can’t wait to open registration to the public next Saturday (right now it’s open to the WR mailing list).
  6. I have already received one registration for Writer’s Renaissance and I’m expecting another on Monday. What a way to start!
  7. I’m going to help teach writing in my daughter’s 4th grade classroom once a week.
  8. My friend Julie Berghoff, who is always there at precisely the right moment
  9. Feeling excited about blog writing again
  10. Enjoying lunch with my daughter in a Parisian-esque cafe after her audition for a new play

What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. What a great list Julie. I was thinking of you this evening (my time) and suddenly there was your post. It’s always hectic when you start back at school or work or in your case both. I start back at work on Tuesday (my time) so still have one more day of holiday left…. lucky me! I couldn’t resist popping on here to stay that as well as other gratitudes such as spending time with my little nephew, family, sunny spring days, I am also grateful for YOU and 12x12in12, as I have just met another member of our group, here in NZ… wooohooo! You will have to read my blog post to find out who…lol.

    • Wow, Diane! How cool that you met a fellow NZ 12xer. So exciting. Also, your comment just made my day! Is the blog post live already, or are you in the process of writing it?

  2. I agree a great list. Grateful for a week with family and grateful to have known a member of my husband’s family, who died on Saturday. A lovely man.

  3. As always you have posted a beautiful list, Julie. This week I am grateful that my kids are not going back to school (because this is what works for our family), for my son’s excitement over passing the test for his driver’s permit, for the strong marriage my husband and I have built together, for cool nights and sunshine days. Your Sunday posts always lift my spirits, thank you.

  4. Great list as always, Julie. I am grateful for small mercies this week after a bit of a drama.

  5. Hooray for your forthcoming news and your writer’s retreat registrations!

  6. Anyone who hasn’t been to Florence should do their level best to join this adventure. And what do I get out of promoting Julie’s trip? Not a thing except to know that others will have a chance to enjoy this beautiful city and all its many treasures. I’ve been, and I have never forgotten the time I spent there. I am a writer and I would sign up to go again next April, but . . . heck . . . I’m a guy, and no boys are allowed. Happy travels to every one of you who can visit this treasure of a city.

  7. Grateful to Julie, who helped me get a manuscript out this week! I appreciated the push.

  8. Julie…again, a good list. I’m grateful for such pleasant cool days this last week…low humidity, chance to just sit in the garden swing and think of nothing! Without sweating.
    Your lists, by the way, are often a good kick-in-the-week for me, which I sometimes honestly need, to set my attitude right for whatever is coming my way.

  9. A nice list! I am also enjoying the blended weather this week–and anticipating Fall. My fave season πŸ™‚

  10. Wait…is that a photo of your daughter, or you, Julie?? If your daughter…she’s a spittin’ image!

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