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No, this is not a blog about a Debby Boone song with a Japanese-English pronunciation (which would actually be “You Right up my Rife”).  Rather, this is the beginning of my new existence where I chronicle my attempts to become a “real” (read: published) writer.  In order to pursue this wild hair of a fantasy, I recently gave notice to my boss that I would be leaving my stable, flexible, intellectually stimulating, well-paying  job of 10+ years at the end of 2009.  Did I mention that my best friend works at that company too?

I know it seems like a crazy time to make such a rash move with the economy still in the shitter and all, but it’s actually been a long time coming.  I’ve had the writing bug ever since my fourth grade teacher (love ya, Mrs. Kujawa!) gave effusive praise to a little story I wrote for language arts class.  From there, I received many compliments on my writing from teachers and professors and did a stint writing for The Michigan Daily while at the University of Michigan (Go Blue – BEAT OSU!).  The major catalyst, however, occurred two years ago when my father died.  That event changed me in hundreds of different ways, but also led me to some primary and clichéd revelations.  Life is short.  Don’t waste time.  Do what you love.  One week before the two-year anniversary of his passing, I made up my mind in an instant that I had to leave my job and pursue my passion.

While I have always done a tremendous amount of writing in all of my jobs, I have never considered myself a “writer” under my own definition, which is to choose what I want to write about when I want to write it and to earn a bona-fide living doing so.    I’m starting this blog as a launching point to get me writing every day, once and for all.  I chose the name “Write Up My Life” for the blog because anything in my life experience, including writing of course, will be fair game in my posts.  I can’t limit myself to writing about writing for two reasons: 1) Since I haven’t yet written anything that’s been published, focusing solely on my writing would lead to some pretty short blog posts; and 2) As a wife, mother, reader, runner, skier, Michigan fan, world traveller ustabe and wannabe again etc., etc., etc., I’d be bored silly if I only wrote about writing.  Besides, I like to think I’m at least a somewhat interesting person with a perspective on the world worth sharing in small doses.

Stay tuned for more about me, my family, my (former) career, and what I’m writing in upcoming posts!   Thanks for reading!

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