Rocky coming home after 4 days in intensive care!

Rocky coming home after 4 days in intensive care!

As I said in this week’s Gratitude Sunday post, I am beyond grateful for EVERYONE who helped with Rocky’s care and recovery in the aftermath of his shooting. I am still overwhelmed by all of the love and support received from every corner of our lives.

One thing I didn’t mention is that many people offered to donate funds toward Rocky’s care and/or set up a website to take donations. Taking these kind people up on their offers was tempting because his expenses were, as you can imagine, significant and unplanned. Paying those expenses are, without a doubt, a hardship for us, but the truth is I DO have savings and I DO have a loving and supportive family to help me. Many others have neither. So once the dust settles and I get caught up a bit, I am going to do a fundraiser in support of the emergency funds at both Rocky’s family veterinary hospital and the emergency hospital where he spent most of his time following the shooting. These funds are used to care for animals when the owners truly cannot pay and/or stray animals are found suffering and brought in for care.

In the meantime, there IS a way you can help me and my family, and that is by supporting my work, as the financial impact of this tragedy goes beyond the veterinary costs and into lost income.

The month of January is when I earn the bulk of my income for the calendar year because registration for the 12 x 12 picture 12 x 12 new badgebook writing challenge is open and the greatest number of people sign up. I lost a full week of work during what should have been the busiest week of registration. So if you are a current member of 12 x 12 or a fellow writer who believes the challenge is worthwhile, sharing the news that registration is open and/or how much you are enjoying 12 x 12 on Facebook, Twitter, etc. would be fantastic. Here are several “Click to Tweets” that can be used on Twitter or cut and pasted into Facebook.

Calling all #picturebook writers! Join 500+ of your peers in the #12x challenge. Write, revise, critique, submit. (Click to Tweet this)

So glad I joined @JulieFHedlund’s #12x challenge for #picturebook writers. Amazing community and resources! #kidlit (Click to Tweet this)

Want to submit #picturebook mss to an #agent each month? Join #12x at the GOLD level. #publishing #kidlit (Click to Tweet this)

For Facebook: January 2014 is drawing to a close. If you haven’t joined the 12 x 12 picture book writing challenge yet, you’ll need to act quickly if you want to submit to an agent in February. Three different membership levels provide something for everyone. Soon registration will be closed until 2015. Hope to see you there!

Available in bookstores everywhere!

Available in bookstores everywhere!

Another way you can support my work, if you have children in your lives who enjoy books, is by purchasing a copy of A TROOP IS A GROUP OF MONKEYS. If you have an iPad, you can get the interactive versions of the two apps featured in the book, TROOP and A SHIVER OF SHARKS (2014 Digital Book Award Winner!).

Another way to help is by leaving honest reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads if you already own a hard copy of TROOP. The book has very few ratings and reviews at the moment, both of which are needed to make it appear higher in searches.

Lastly, I am running a giveaway of TROOP on Goodreads right now to help spread the word about the book AND build an audience before my next book, MY LOVE FOR YOU IS THE SUN comes out in the fall. Simply sharing the giveaway on Twitter and/or Facebook would be appreciated.

Thank you all so much! If none of these options work for you, simply sending positive thoughts goes a long, long way. 🙂

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  1. Love the animal fundraising idea. We’ve supported a similar program here, and I’m so glad you thought of it. AND… I’m always happy to promote 12×12. Thanks for all the hats you wear…

  2. I will tweet away about 12 X 12! Good luck!

  3. Excellent tweets, all done!

  4. Julie, tweeting and facebooking. BTW, excellent idea about raising funds. Just like you to think of others. So glad Rocky is going to be alright.

    • Thanks Robyn, but I really couldn’t NOT try to help them. The work they do at these animal hospitals, especially the emergency one, is nothing short of miraculous. Every single person I encountered there, whether office staff, a nurse or a vet was 100% dedicated, passionate and kind. They took care of ME as well as Rocky. I will be forever in their debt.

  5. Happy to spread the word Julie. A very worthwhile cause.

  6. Tweeted, posted on Facebook, AND entered the giveaway. Thanks for making it so easy to spread the word, Julie! (I love one-click marketing) 🙂

  7. Tweeted and happy to spread the word of this wonderful and valuable group. thank you, Julie!

  8. I’m so glad your pooch is better. I was horrified when I heard about what happened.

    Good luck with book sales. I’ll do what I can to help.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  9. Getting it out there! So glad Rocky and his family are recovering!

  10. More than happy to promote and love your idea of raising funds for animals when the owners truly cannot pay and/or stray animals are found suffering and brought in for care.

  11. I’m glad he’s better! 😀 I’ll spread the word! 😀

  12. Love your fundraiser for animal vet care idea. Glad Rocky is recovering.

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