No, not for the upcoming Presidential elections.  I’m joining Rachael Harrie’s third Writer’s Platform-Building Campaign.  I participated in the first, but missed the second.  There are so many more writers participating now.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet other writers and find amazing new blogs to follow.  Writers of all genres should check it out.  You have until August 31st to sign up.


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  1. I keep hearing about this–it sounds so cool!


  2. I’m doing it too Julie. I haven’t made it through the lists yet of checking out all the fellow campaigners. There are a lot of PB folks. I signed up for the PB/mixed group (there are all types of YA/MG, etc. in there too) and the nonfiction group.

  3. From one Julie to another! 🙂
    I’m in your poetry group.
    Hope you have fun with the Campaign!

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