Okay you guys, I’m a little late getting this out (or early since Katie’s new episodes don’t usually release until Wednesday), but I’m SO EXCITED to tell you that I am a guest on Katie Davis’ Brain Burps About Books kidlit podcast again.  This time I am with several other authors, all of whom are amazing, talking about book and/or blog promotion strategies.  AND, you will get to hear Katie’s dog Mango, who fortuitously interrupted our interview

I blatantly stole this picture of the wise and wonderful Mango from Katie's blog, hoping that neither of them will press charges for violation of copyright. I just wanted you all to see how obviously smart this dog is (and if you click on the image, what happens when writers get into the "zone" near a bag of Beggin' Strips)

segment because he somehow KNEW that I had not gotten my point across correctly and wanted to give me time to regroup.  I tell you, dogs are higher sentient beings that we humans are…

But I digress.  I learned so much from listening to the full episode about book trailers, where to find photos, audio and video that you can use for trailers or blog posts, how to create materials for teachers, how to support indie bookstores while also promoting your books, how to get more than ONE MILLION hits on your website, etc.  Seriously, there’s something for everyone here.

I’m sure after reading this you will want to listen right now.  So, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200, just click here. (That’s a Monopoly reference for my non-U.S. readers…)

Or, if you want to listen later on your iPhone, Android, etc. you can go here and get the app/info you need.  That is totally fine too (although you can forget about getting Park Place and Boardwalk that way…)


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  1. Yay Julie!! Congrats on the airtime and being in the presence of such a wonderful k-9 being! I hope to find time to listen to the podcast tomorrow. I’d love to listen now but, alas my bed is calling with an early wake up call to get kiddos to school. I really hate to pass up boardwalk and park place too…..dang it!

  2. I listened yesterday, Julie – great job! That was a very informative podcast all around. (So glad Katie interjected that info about teacherspayteachers.com, too – what a great concept and motivator to whip my old unit plans into shape.) You’re becoming a regular!

  3. Julie, just so you know, I am in Canada and began playing Monopoly in my childhood (many years ago) so it’s not only in the US.

    I look forward to listening to this podcast when I get to my other computer (on Fibre Optics), this one is far too slow (on dial-up).

    Congratulations to you.

  4. Hi Julie, I listened to the podcast last night, it was awesome. I learned so much. Such as the websites that were mentioned that I had never heard of…ie teacherspayteachers.com, to your speil on Promoting an Idea or Challenge on your blog…. such a lot of work, and I can imagine the planning up front and being prepared is very very important. Getting ideas such as activity pages from Elizabeth and Dan’s speil were also very interesting. You did great Julie, loved hearing you. You are becoming quite a star.

  5. And I finally got to hear it. That Katie always has guests like you with great ideas.

  6. I just fired up my iPhone with the latest Brain Burps episode and am heading out on a walk on this beautiful day! I’m thrilled to be hearing more from you and Katie 🙂

  7. Thanks Julie for posting. Listened to the podcast and found it very informative. Interesting that both you and Joanna are featureing Katie today. Good for her.

  8. You are getting around Julie. This is awesome. And I want to know more about blog promotion strategies but I missed the poscast. Darn. I have family in town and hadn’t paid attention to your facebook posting and I missed it. I’m so sorry Julie. I’m trying to keep up with everyone and I missed out. Is there a re-run? 🙂

  9. Finished listening to the podcast last night. Another great episode! Nice job!

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