Smile, You’re on Katie Davis!*

That’s the way I feel today as I have the extreme honor of being Katie Davis’ first Brain Burps About Books podcast guest of 2012.  I am so excited I’ll be throwing the link around all over the place – in this post, on Facebook, on Twitter, email.  Want to make sure everyone in the world who wants to hear it gets a chance. 🙂

Before I write another word, here’s the link to the podcast.  You can listen to it on your computer just by clicking the link, or you can do the same by clicking the link from your smart phone or tablet and listen to it from there. Or you can listen from the link on Katie’s blog here:

On this podcast, in a fitting tribute to the new year (because Mayans or no Mayans, we’re going to do our best work!), Katie and I talk about anti-resolutions (based on this post) and the need to set goals from a positive place rather than beating ourselves up over (perceived) failures from the previous year. What struck me during our discussion was how we all face doubt and disappointment, regardless of how far along we are in our careers.  It’s easy to look at a successful, multi-published author and think, “Oh s/he’s made it.”  However, that author may very well be plagued by the same doubts and frustrations.  So Katie and I discuss how to overcome that, and how being an active part of the writing community helps.

We also discuss the 12 x 12 in 2012 picture book writing challenge and other opportunities for writers to get a head start in the new year.  I had so much fun recording this podcast with Katie, and I hope you enjoy listening to it just as much!  It’s a great “feel-good” way to hit the ground running in 2012, if I do say so myself.

If you have never listened to a Brain Burps About Books podcast, you can start with the one with ME in it!  Then, get thyself over to Katie’s website and download and listen to the rest.  I’ve been a subscriber for a year now, and I’ve learned so much.  Every show is great. It’s like having portable conference sessions that you can listen to at your convenience.  And they’re FREE!  Or you can do as I did and buy the app from the iTunes store for $1.99 and have all the episodes in one place.  People, it’s a bargain.  Katie is an exceptionally talented, multi-published author/illustrator, a whizz-bang marketing guru and a pioneer in using all forms of media in the children’s book arena.  She recently published an e-book entitled, How to Promote Your Children’s Book. Best of all, she has her bio written in both haiku and limerick form (among others).  Sounds like a lady you can learn a lot from, no?

What can you learn from these podcasts, you ask? Well, Brain Burps About Books is all about children’s literature and has held the #1 in the iTunes store in Children’s Publishing since it began almost two years ago.  It has been downloaded in 40% of the world’s countries. If it has to do with the children’s book business – whether it’s craft, creating a platform, developing eBooks and apps, or supporting a small business as a writer, it’s fair game. Interview subjects include authors, illustrators, librarians, editors, app creators… anyone in the field covering anything under the umbrella of children’s books. Regular features include a “Take 5 Marketing Tips” by Dianne de Las Casas and picture book and middle grade reviews by contributors Betsy Bird of SLJ’s Fuse #8 Production, “Mommy” blogger Julie Falatko, Travis Jonker of 100 Scope Notes, and YA reviews by Bookalicious Pam.

I happen to know that in this episode, you get a double-dose of Julie, as 12 x 12 challenger Julie Falatko provides a review at the end of the show.  That’s 2 Julies for the price of one! An offer you simply can’t refuse.

Thanks again to Katie for making the start of 2012 especially awesome by inviting me to come on the show.  In conclusion, I’ll leave you with this trailer of Katie’s book, Little Chicken’s Big Day.  Warning: it is off the cuteness meter!

*My weekly Wednesday Artist’s Way Check-in will be posted tomorrow.

Questions or comments about the podcast? Leave them here!

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  1. YAY! I am a great fan of Katie and her Brain Burps and am sooo looking forward to listening to the two Julies. I certainly plan on buying Katie’s new book too!

  2. The video is adorable ! Looking forward to hooking up and listening to the podcast – never done anything like that before so this will be an adventure inside of an adventure.

  3. I’ve never heard of this Brain Burp thing. Why do I live under a rock??? 12×12 has lifted the rock and shown me new visions at every turn. Yay!

  4. good for you! yay! lets hope that this is just the beginning of what 2012 has in store for you!

  5. Yippeeeee! I’ll be there. And what a sweet video. *furiously writing 12×12 draft*

  6. This is super cool. I have several friends who are children’s book authors, so I’ll definitely be sending them here. Thanks for the link and congrats on the podcast!

  7. Fun! I know I’m grateful for the 12 x 12 challenge – I completed two picture books already! Ready for more…after I listen to Brain Burps, of course!

  8. Looking forward to listening!!! Congrats on making it to the big-time 🙂

  9. Just finished listening – wow, that WAS a long one! But glad I listened. Great job!

  10. Glad you and Katie hit it off! 😀

  11. Awesome! Can’t wait to hear it 🙂

  12. Great job Julie! I had never listened to Katie before, and you were both fantastic!

  13. Brain burps is new to me! Cool to hear your voice in a different format–thanks for sharing Julie 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing the apps link, I will definately take some time out to listen!

  15. The book trailer is AWESOME! Thank you for telling us about the pod cast!

  16. I’ve never heard of Brain Burps. What a catchy title and what a great video, Julie. Congratulations!

  17. congratulations! I’m off to listen and then check out Katie’s site:)

  18. Wasn’t familiar with Brain Burps. Great job Julie. I enjoyed the interview. You are a natural.

  19. Truly enjoyed the podcast over my morning coffee!

  20. I just have to thank you all for your kind words, your support and for actually listening to the podcast. 🙂

    Because of YOU and your generosity, I got this tweet from Katie:

    Winner of best #podcast guest social media-ing their episode so that my site gets record views? @JulieFHedlund gets gold star!

  21. Julie this is so exciting!! Katie’s great–she did a guest post for my blog. I can’t wait to listen to the podcast. 🙂 What a terrific way to kick of 2012 (which is going to be great; the Mayans themselves don’t know what everyone’s getting so worked up about, it’s just a calendar).

    I am very impressed with the way your blog and social networking has taken off. Well done, you!

  22. For your followers who commented that they would get Peter Nimble, I just saw this opportunity to win a signed copy! Visit for details!

  23. Julie, I am listening to the tail end of your time on Brain Burps. Very cool! You did a wonderful job! Congrats!

  24. Julie H – your were great on the interview. you became so much more real for me since I could hear your voice. I love your upbeat spirit. I will start reading your Gratitude posts, maybe some of your wonderful aura on life will rub off on me. 🙂

  25. How fun! Congratulations, Julie!

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