Sign-up for the 12 x 12 in 2012 picture book writing challenge is now closed.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 401 brave souls who decided to take this plunge with me.  I am so grateful to you all for providing ME with the inspiration and encouragement I need to meet my writing goals this year.

A few announcements and reminders:

  1. I have sent an email to all registered participants confirming your participation in the challenge.  You DO NOT NEED TO REPLY to that email.  It is for your reference.  If you believe you signed up for the challenge and do not get an email from me, please contact me at JulieFHedlund (at) gmail (dot) com as soon as possible.
  2. If you want to be eligible for at least one point toward this month’s giveaway – a PB critique from author Tara Lazar, you MUST leave a comment on her post by midnight EST on Wednesday, February 1st.  I will draw a winner through on February 2nd.
  3. Check the blog tomorrow for our monthly check-in.  If you completed a PB draft in January, leave a comment saying so and you’ll be eligible for an additional point toward the giveaway.  Please remember that a comment on the check-in post will not count unless you’ve also commented on Tara’s initial post.
  4. All “official” 12 x 12 announcements, giveaways and prizes will be made here on the blog.  Please make sure you are following so you receive all of the information.
  5. We have a very active 12 x 12 Facebook group where people are introducing themselves, sharing information and support and forming critique groups.  If you are on Facebook, I highly encourage you to join us there.
  6. I am now following all 12 x 12 participants with Twitter accounts. If you haven’t already followed me back, please do so at!/JulieFHedlund.  I have created a list of all 12 x 12 participants that you can follow if you want to keep up with your fellow participants:!/list/JulieFHedlund/twelve-by-twelve-in-2012.  We are tweeting about the 12 x 12 challenge using the hashtag #12x.  If you provided me with your Twitter handle and I wasn’t able to follow you, you will hear from me within the next week or so via email.
  7. I am also following all participants who are blogging.  If I had any difficulty following your blog, you will hear from me within the next week or so via email.  Some of you provided me with static author and/or illustrator websites.  Please note that I am not able to follow those, as they do not have feeds embedded into them.
  8. We have created a list of participant blogs on the Facebook page, and I encourage you all to follow each other.  We’re here to support one another, after all.
  9. As a reminder, all “official” 12 x 12 posts will have our banner displayed across the top.  It’s a companion to our lovely badge.  So whenever you see the banner, you know that post will be 12 x 12 related.  Don’t forget you can put the badge on your blog too!  Wear it proudly! 🙂
  10. Last, but certainly not least, GOOD LUCK to everyone!  I can’t believe we’re already almost one month in.  What a fantastic month it has been!
Do you have any other questions about the 12 x 12?  Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions.

Still more questions?  Please leave them in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for all the reminders and all you do to keep us organized Julie. I appreciate the twitter list and plan to follow all the blogs. I’ve followed several, but wanted to wait until sign up ended to complete my list.

  2. Just spotted this, congratulations Julie, WELL DONE! I am on twitter and my handle is @dianestoy, not sure if you picked me up. Hopefully I will be online later in the week and I will follow you back, then. This is all so cool and EXCITING!
    (I don’t see me on list here though…)

  3. What a challenge. I hope I can fulfil my goal of 1 PB draft a month. Thanks so much Julie for providing the challenge.



    • Julie, thank you for all you do for all of us :~])
      Whoa! 401 members ~ Outstanding!

      Love all this group has to offer!
      (fellowship/friendship, support/encouragement, accountability, information, opportunities (both business and personal), ideas, chuckles, etc.)

      I put the final stamp on my January draft yesterday :~> Felt great!

  4. You’re a star. I am full on with twitter and have liked all fan pages on FB and will now work my way through all the blogs to follow!

    402! WOW! Just got my Jan draft finished this weekend. Phew! Julie, are your still finding time to write with all this?

  5. I’m also working my way through the blog following and FB page likes for all the participants. What a diverse group! Great work, Julie!

  6. Wow. You’ve got this all buttoned up, Julie. Great job. Thanks so much. I’m following some of the participants but I’ll need to check the lists again–so many new people since I signed on!
    Good luck to everyone!

  7. All very organized, Julie! You are awesome 🙂 This is such a great undertaking – I’m so glad you thought of it!

    • P.S. I do have one question – I think I commented on Tara’s post, but I can’t see all 128 comments, so I don’t know if I did or not. I will comment again to be sure, so sorry if I’m duplicating! And I guess that’s not a question 🙂

  8. Thank you for this post. Very clear instructions and expectations. I like that!

  9. Thank you for the nformation. I can’t join the FB group. It says I have to be invited. How do I do that?

  10. I think I’m following all the participants too. I will go back and check. There are so so many. 🙂 This is great! I hope my blog was not one of the static ones. I’ve had so much fun learning from everyone and getting to know you all. Thanks for keeping this event organized!

  11. I am in awe of your organizational skills, Julie, and grateful that you’re using them to the benefit of all of us! While I’m not able to keep up with all the following that’s going on, I do wish you and all 400 of my colleagues a happy and productive year of PB writing! I have finished the January draft and am contemplating the February draft — while also undertaking the Picture Book Marathon that requires a draft a day for that month! And I’m looking forward to hearing from you about a pre-pubbie blog post, which I obviously will NOT be able to do until after February. Thank you, and good luck to all!

  12. Is this the monthly check in post? If so I completed my PB ms for Jan. So at least off to a good start.

  13. Thanks for the reminders and for all you have done for us! I finished my fourth PB draft for January yesterday, am submitting a fiction piece today for the Highlights 2012 contest (thanks to others who posted on FB!), and I have three dummys started, incl. drawings of characters from the 4th draft! I am stunned by all of this! Thank you wholeheartedly!

  14. Wow…this so amazingly well organized!! Thanks so so much for all your hard work. Looking forward to writing and learning with you all in 2012…Write ON!

  15. Any chance you could post a list of blogs & links here for us non-Facebookies? or making a public 12X12in 2012 FB page that anyone can see without logging in to FB?

    • Sue, I’ll have to think about how to do that. If everyone agrees, maybe I could make it a word doc and email to everyone. What I don’t know how to manage are non-Facebookies who want to add their blogs to the list. Hmmm… I’ll ruminate for a bit and get back to you.

  16. I’ve finished my January PB draft, manuscript plus two illustrations! Working on more illustrations, and a new story for Fevruary.

  17. Thanks for all the work you have put into this, Julie! We are forever grateful to you. January draft done. *rubs hands* 🙂

  18. So glad I’ve joined the 12 x 12 group, it’s been a fun and productive month so far. Thank you for reminding us all the details Julie!

  19. Julie, you are amazing!
    I did get my email 🙂 and finished my January PB draft 🙂 🙂 and am on my way to Tara’s site, although I’m pretty sure I had already commented. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    This is an amazing challenge…all the more so because of how many fellow writers are participating…Having these talented, dedicated, lovers of children and books by my side is the best motivation I could ask for. 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’m trying to read/follow/comment on all of Susannah’s PPBF participants…I know many are also in your 12 x 12 challenge, which is good, cause I don’t know how many PB drafts I could write if I read/followed/commented on all 400 of the 12 x 12er’s!

  20. Hi Everyone,
    I don’t do facebook or twitter but hope I can keep in touch via blog.



  21. Monthly check-in post for January – check, PB manuscript written! 🙂 Onward…

  22. I’ve completed my January draft. I hope this is where we comment. I got the impression there would be a monthly check in post today (because the post above says “tomorrow”), but maybe you meant the 31st. I just didn’t want to miss the extra point. I can’t imagine how much time you are having to spend on this. Don’t even worry about replying to this if this comment covers it OR if there will be a check in post tomorrow, the 31st. Thanks a bunch!!!

  23. completed Jan… titled GUMBOOTS…im thinking in Australia i may be too early 😉

  24. Hi! It’s me again, Ty!
    January’s draft…D.O.N.E. DONE, baby! Yesssss!

  25. Julie, did you ever imagine the group would grow to 401? Thank you for all your hard work. January draft finished and working on February’s. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  26. January’s draft is done and February is in the works – thanks for the motivation!

  27. I am a little late to the challenge. I discovered it through a mutual author friend on FB. I guess a little late is better than never. 🙂

  28. Thanks again Julie. You are a rock star! You manage everything so well and make it look easy.

  29. January draft is done and filed. needs work of course but I will re-visit after I get an outline done for February. Thanks again Julie is is great.

  30. January draft done! Feels great. Eleven to go . . . Thanks, Julie!

  31. January draft completed last Friday. Wasn’t sure where to post but this seems to be it.
    Title is Gorgeous George and Amy. Just wanted to write the title in so that I make sure I’m keeping a record of my drafts.

    Good Luck Everyone,


  32. My January pb draft fits into the Annie Lamont category of a really “sh-tty first draft”, hereafter to be known as an SFD. But a draft is a draft. I’ll keep working on this draft, since this is a book I really want to complete, while creating another SFD for Feb. Got a totally new idea out of the blue a few days ago. So here goes Feb.

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