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Right now it is 7 degrees Farenheit – expected to drop well below zero overnight.  Boulder is under a winter storm warning until this evening, with 4-6 inches of snow forecast just for today.  Em is at school, but Jay is home because, if by chance school closes early, I can’t simultaneously go pick Jay up from preschool and be home to meet Em’s bus.  Phil is out of town all week (of course).  As he was getting on the plane last night, he called to tell me that the snowblower probably doesn’t have enough gas to blow out the whole driveway.  Meanwhile, we only have enough firewood for one more evening fire, so I need to hope and pray the electricity and the heat remain intact during the storm.  Apparently, there is a kerosene heater in the shed in case the heat does go out.  Just two problems: 1) the heater is in the shed and I would need to dig out the doors enough to open them; and 2) we don’t have any kerosene to run the #&$!% thing!

Forgive me if I’m feeling just a wee bit sorry for myself.  I called Phil this morning to discuss options and he said, “Just pretend you’re a pioneer woman.”  (I will keep my silent retort to this comment to myself)

In all seriousness, we did discuss several viable options: 1) Call our retired and resourceful neighbor and ask him if he has gas I can use for the snowblower.  If I’m lucky, he might even offer to blow the driveway for me; 2) See if I can find someone who will deliver and stack firewood today; and/or 3) haul my cold and lazy carcass into the car with Jay, go get gas for the snowblower and blow the driveway first thing tomorrow morning, in the dark, while the kids are still sleeping – never mind the sub-zero temperatures.

Any or all of these could work.  Right now, though, I only seem to be able to muster enough energy to wallow in irritation and self-pity.  My plan is to drink another cup of tea and wait for gumption to arrive.

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