I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year’s.  I always feel more sad than optimistic.  When I was younger, I think it was mostly because Christmas was over and school was starting soon.  Where I went to school, there were none of these Professional Development Days after the New Year that gave us the whole first week of January off school.  If January 1st was on a Monday, we were back at school on Tuesday.

As a young adult, my New Year’s melancholy was usually due to lack of plans, lack of date, or lack of reality matching expectations.  Sure, I had some fun years partying with friends or having that “dream date” on the “dream night.”  Usually though, I was out somewhere feeling like I should be having a much better time for the money I’d spent and the emotional investment I’d put into the evening.

Also, I’m an underdog person.  While everyone else cheers wildly in anticipation of the New Year, I’m feeling sorry for the old one.  Whether the previous year has been good or not so good, the devil that you know… as they say.  In my view, everyone is too eager to move the clock hands.  Unfortunately for me, this most obvious symbol of the passage of time generates a golf ball sized lump in my throat.  The years go by too fast now.  It doesn’t help that both of my kids are January babies, so no sooner do we ring in the New Year than my children get one year closer to leaving home.  Perhaps that’s melodramatic.  January has always been my worst month mood-wise, so it’s no surprise to me that the Gods would deliver both of my children in January so I could stew even more about time.  When I was little, my dad always used to say, “I wish you could have just stayed five years old.”  I always thought he was joking.  Now I realize he was at least half serious.

Am I a complete weirdo about this?  Does anyone else feel at all sad at New Year’s?  If you’re the opposite, what is it that makes you feel happy/hopeful at the New Year?

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  1. Julie!!!! I’m impressed you finally took the plunge to pursue your passion!! I love your New Year’s piece. I too hate New Year’s Eve…always have..you helped me realize why!!!

    Anyway..I enjoy your writing style and will be checking in on you often!! Congrats with your new puppy…I bet Barb is thrilled!!

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