Now that I have your attention, let me make a few announcements about how the drawings will work going forward based upon the experience this time around.

First a couple of reminders.

Reminder #1: In order to be eligible to win one of the 12 x 12 in 2012 giveaways you must 1) be an official member (you should know who you are by now), and 2) leave a comment on the “first of the month” post by that month’s featured author.  So using January as an example, you would have had to sign up for the challenge by January 29th AND have left a comment on Tara Lazar’s (this month’s featured author) January 1st post.

That gets you one point.

Reminder #2: If you want to earn a second point, you must 1) first make yourself eligible for the first point (see above), 2) write a picture book draft in that month, and 3) leave a comment on the monthly check-in post on the last day of the month stating that you wrote a draft.  You do NOT need to submit a draft of your manuscript or write a post on your own blog in order to be eligible for the second point.  Using January again as an example, you would have received another point if you completed the requirements of #1, and then completed a draft and let us know in the comments section of the check-in post I put up on January 31st.

The drawings will work this way each month.

I am adding a new requirement going forward.  If your blog comments come up with anything other than your first AND last name, you must also leave your name in both your comment on the first of the month post and the check-in post.  Some people’s comments show up as their blog names, a nickname, or a first name only.  This makes it very difficult to determine who is who without checking URLs, going back to the sign-up sheet, etc., thereby drastically increasing the workload associated with sorting out points.  This new requirement will be effective starting with the February monthly check-in post on the 29th.  However, if you have already left your comment on February author George Shannon’s post, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could go back and check to see how your name comes up.  If it is anything other than your first AND last name, please reply to your own comment and leave your full name. Thanks a gajillion.

Now, onto the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The winner of this month’s giveaway, a critique from the lovely Tara Lazar IS …..

MONICA LeMASTER !!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Monica, and to EVERYONE who completed a draft in January.  What a great start to the year!!

Monica, I will forward your email to Tara so the two of you can determine next steps.  Congratulations again.

Keep writing everyone!!!

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  1. Congratulations Monica!

  2. Awesome, Monica! Congrats :~])

  3. Congrads Monica!!!!! And thanks Julie!!!!! Write on! 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Monica!!!
    And congratulations to you, Julie, for keeping us on the straight and narrow…over 400 entries…that’s what you get for coming up with such a fantastic challenge and terrific guest authors/illustrators. 🙂 Seriously, I don’t know if everyone realizes what an enormous workload you have taken on. I hope everyone tells you every day how much we appreciate this…what motivation you are providing for all of us!

  5. ditto…what viviankirkfield said…..Thankyou Julie
    Congrats to Monica for winning January’s prize…whooowwhoo!!!

  6. Congrats, Monica! Great way to start off the year. And Julie, ditto Vivian K’s comments. Your work is much appreciated.

  7. Great work, Julie – we all appreciate it. And congrats to Monica!

  8. Congratulations, Monica! Thanks, Julie, for all you do. You are an inspiration.

  9. Oh Monica, you are soooooo lucky!!!!! Congratulations!
    I won a Tara crit a few months ago and it was so thorough with helpful suggestions. it’s like you won the Super Bowl this week!

  10. Congratulations. What an opportunity!

  11. Congratulations, inspirational for the rest of us to keep writing and making comments.

  12. Congratulations to Monica & thanks for clarifying the procedures, Julie. With all of the work you are doing for us, I will certainly be diligent about following the rules (and especially making sure that my name appears with each comment). Here goes – test run #1!

    Patricia Nozell

  13. Congrats! How exciting. 🙂

  14. Congratulations, Monica!

    And as the others have said, thank you so much, Julie, for all you do. You are a wonder.

  15. Congratulations Monica! Hope it’s a great experience.

  16. Congrats to Monica and all of you 12X12’ers. It’s an amazing thing you’re all doing! Keep up the fab work.

  17. Congratulations Monica! What a great prize. And thank you too to Julie. This month I’m going to buckle down to work!

  18. Hey Monica, are you out there somewhere? Please comment to claim your prize. Thank you! 🙂

  19. Goodness! I have a lot of catching up to do here, Julie– I mean, you’ve already picked the first winner–and it’s FEBRUARY! When did that happen?

    But I *did* write my PB draft, and I’ve got a teensy idea for this month’s PB. So I’ll read a couple posts, get a little inspiration, and get down to PB business. 😉

  20. Thanks everyone! I just saw this. What exciting news!

  21. I’m noticing this adventure is keeping me attuned to story ideas–even though I have two years’ worth of PiBoIdMo ideas sitting around. So thanks again to Julie and best wishes to everyone going forward!

  22. Congratulations, Monica! How wonderful for you. 🙂

    – Lynn Davidson

  23. Congratulations Monica! And thanks Julie for taking this big challenge on…it is enormous work and all 400+ of us I am sure appreciate the inspiration, encouragement, and value this challenge brings. Thanks,
    Damon Dean

  24. Congrats Julie for raking through all those posts and names! Sheesh – that’s a load of work. Really appreciate your tenacity in getting through it all and finding an easier way.

    Congratulations to Monica – you lucky writer you!

    From Melissa Mead

  25. Congrats to Monica. Thank you to Tara. And a HUGE THANK YOU to Julie for all you have done on TOP of doing your own draft. And sorry if I was one of those confusing the name thing because of my wordpress name. Thanks, Laura Miller

  26. Congrats Monica!

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