John Cusick of Greenhouse Literary will be accepting picture book submissions from 12 x 12 members in September.

John CusickI was fortunate enough to have spent a delightful evening last June with this month’s featured agent, John Cusick, at the NJ-SCBWI conference faculty dinner. I always find it fascinating when an agent is also a gifted writer (Girl Parts), so we talked about how he strikes the balance between the two. We also talked about Greenhouse Literary’s semi-recent (several months old now) decision to begin taking picture book submissions. John made it clear that he loves the genre and is looking forward to signing some amazing PB authors. YAY for us!

AND John’s next book is coming out this month! Cherry Money Baby releases on September 10th. So here is your chance to SHOW (rather than tell) your thanks to John for being our featured September 12 x 12 agent by buying his book! Many thanks, once again, to John for taking submissions from 12 x 12 participants this month.

A little bit about john from the Greenhouse Literary website:

John Cusick joined Greenhouse in January 2013 after several years with a small New York agency, where he began as an assistant and rose to be an agent with a fast-developing client list. As well as being a YA author in his own right, John is a sought-after speaker on writing, both at writers’ conferences and via webinars.

What John is seeking: Fiction by North American authors, from Picture Books and Middle Grade through Young Adult.  When I asked John what kind of picture books he looks for, this is what he said:

“I’m seeking authors and author/illustrators. I like punchy, funny picture books with great characters. Story is very important to me, so I’m also looking for strong plot arcs with conflict and surprising endings. For word-count, I’m seeking projects under 800 words.”

Lucky for you, if you want to find out more, you can visit John’s blog.

John has done much of this month’s work for us by so kindly listing his past interviews here:

Good Luck!

Find John on Twitter

John’s author profile on Goodreads

John’s author profile on Teenreads

John’s author page on Amazon (He has a short story available for free on Kindle.)

Find John on Figment

John is part of the team that publishes literary magazine Armchair/Shotgun

Questions Every Writer Should Be Asking on Lit Reactor

An Interview with FizzyGrrl

Interview with Throwing Up Words

Interview with Nebraska Novel Retreats

Author Rahul Kanakia explains how John Cusick became his agent on his blog

Writer Grace Makely shares feedback from John Cusick

As of 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, September 4, GOLD members of 12 x 12 are free to submit to John Cusick.

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  1. deborahholtwilliams

    Thanks, Julie! It was fun to watch his interview with Danielle Smith. I’ve enjoyed following him on Twitter for quite awhile. Talented, interesting guy!

  2. Thank you, Julie! Can’t wait to hear more about John Cusick. Happy Labor Day weekend to you!

  3. Thanks, Julie! Happy Labor Day! I can hardly wait to hear more!
    Hugs, Sue

  4. Thanks, Julie. Cusick sounds so energetic and fun. Look forward to more.

  5. Thanks so much, Julie! I’m thankful for our 12×12…with the move, I have stopped pretty much everything picture book except for that.:)

  6. Thanks Julie! Your group keeps me motivated! And, I’m really excited about John Cusick. He seems like he’d be awesome to work with!

  7. Thanks Julie. I’m off to study John Cusick. Thanks for the linkage! Happy Labor Day. *sighing summer’s end*

  8. Thanks Julie! John sounds great. Enjoy Labour Day!

  9. Great pick Julie. I just finished reading and reviewing two books published by Greenhouse Literary. I didn’t realize until I checked out the agency that they represented the authors. They have represented some excellent authors. Looks like they publish a lot MG and YA, but not so many PBs :(.

  10. Thanks, Julie! I’m off to read the interviews and to follow John on Twitter. My picture book manuscripts aren’t funny but that doesn’t entirely rule me out. I think my characters are strong. 🙂

  11. Appreciate the insight into what John likes and finds important in a story.

  12. Thank you Julie, and John for the list of interviews. I’ve enjoyed learning more about him. He sounds like an interesting agent and author. I have a funny one to send out, but need to finish up the dummy.

  13. QUICK QUESTION: John says he’s looking for “North American authors”. I’m originally from North America but am now living in Belgium, does that mean he wouldn’t want to work with me because I live abroad? I hope this isn’t the case because he sounds like someone I would really enjoy working with and learning from.

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