Remember my post from about a week ago about boosting creative energy by looking at life from different perspectives and avoiding the “numb zone”?  Well, not wanting to be one of those “do as I say” people, I decided to put my life where my mouth is.  Here is a short video of me riding what’s called “The Dragster” at Cedar Point this past Monday.  This new perspective included one that led me to believe I would crash straight into Lake Erie.  They should call the ride “Pure Adrenaline,” because that’s what it produces (and possibly wet pants if you’re not careful).  You can see me at the end in the blue shirt waving my hands and looking happy to be alive.

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun at Cedar Point despite the sweltering heat.  Em rode her first “real” roller coasters, including the Magnum, which includes a 200-ft drop (can’t imagine where she gets her daredevil spirit from…).  Also, we found out that Jay does, in fact, have a breaking point.  This is a child who would NEVER fall asleep in his stroller, on airplanes, on your shoulder, or anywhere else except a horizontal sleeping surface.  Nonetheless, after staying up until midnight on the Fourth doing rides and watching fireworks, getting up at 9 a.m. on Monday to get back into the park and ride rides all day, he finally collapsed on Phil’s shoulder while Em and I were in line for the Magnum.  As Phil said, we “wore him down to a nub.”  This is what he looked like in the car on the way up to Michigan:

Now we are in Northern Michigan enjoying life on the lake.  My Internet access is still spotty, but I’ll write when I can and try to get caught up reading your blogs too.  In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a happy summer!

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  1. Fun! I think that ride was closed when we went a few years ago.

    Also: sleepy kids are like pretzels. How do they fold like that?!

  2. I’m speechless after watching that video!! I’ve never seen a roller coaster like that….I would have had the wet pants, for sure.

    I loved when my kids would get all folded up in their seats, fast asleep! Now that’s the sign of a great day.

  3. Yes, it is extremely satisfying when you finally burn through all of that seemingly endless kid energy. I wish I, too, had the ability to sleep anywhere in any position without ending up with neck spasms.

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