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Named a TOP 50 Best Apps for Kids 2013 by The Guardian!!

A TROOP IS A GROUP OF MONKEYS is an interactive storybook app for the iPad published by Little Bahalia Publishing.

Young readers will learn many collective nouns used for groups of animals… everything from a “troop of monkeys” to an “ostentation of peacocks.” Even parents will learn a word or two in this fun and interactive romp through the animal kingdom!

“Each of the animal groups—a troop of monkeys, a colony of bats—comes to life on the screen and invites young readers to enjoy interactive play while reinforcing the vocabulary words on each page.”Publisher’s Weekly

Little fingers will enjoy touching the animals and hearing their calls, and seeing them react in charming and surprising ways. The owls turn their heads around and hoot when you touch them! (What do you think the skunks will do?)

TROOP features captivating animation and animal sounds to engage children, increase their vocabulary comprehension and create appreciation for the featured animals. The stunning illustrations are hand-painted by artist Pamela Baron, who strives to balance design and sustainability in her work. Also don’t miss the amazing karaoke singalong featuring original music by Tim McCanna.

Download TROOP for your iPad today! The app will play on all generations of the iPad.


A SHIVER OF SHARKS Available_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40_0824

Shiver icon smallReleased just in time for beach season 2013, A SHIVER OF SHARKS is the exciting sea-quel A TROOP IS A GROUP OF MONKEYS, introducing children to even more collective nouns of animals living in or near the ocean. A battery of barracudas, a herd of seahorses, and a flamboyance of flamingoes join shivery sharks on this musical, interactive, undersea adventure. Kids will love making crabs scuttle or jellyfish change color. There is even a big surprise move from one of the sharks!

“I found this app to be quite educational as I seriously did not know the correct way to group these creatures together.  I love to learn new facts!  This is a great app to take along on your road trips with your kids for they will learn many new things about the list of animals in A Shiver of Sharks.  With the addition of the Reading Strategies and Curriculum that can be used by parents, home educators and teachers, this is a quality app that can be used for fun and educational purposes.”Melissa Northway, App of the Week Review

SHIVER once again features outstanding illustrations hand-painted by artist Pamela Baron, and more original music by Tim McCanna that will have you ready to don your pirate gear. Ahoy!

Download SHIVER for your iPad today! The app will play on all generations of the iPad.


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