You will find me traipsing about the Internet participating in a number of online, audio and video segments about kidlit, writing, inspiration, and gratitude.

Brain Burps About Books

Podcast hosted by author/illustrator Katie Davis. I was the featured guest on January, 10. Now I am a monthly contributor with a feature called, Julie Hedlund Gets All Grateful on Your A**!

Episode #129 – How to Create an iBook for Apple’s iBookstore with iBooks Author – I was grateful to have a gratitude segment in the same episode that featured my friend Sarah Towle on the day she launched her iBook – Beware Madame la Guillotine – in the iBookstore. I interviewed Sarah myself a while back about the fabulous app upon which the iBook was founded. Appropriately enough, my Grateful segment is about the valuable connections and friendships we can make online.

Episode #124 – Sandy Hook and Why We Write – In this episode, I read a post I wrote in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy entitled, Guardians of Childhood.

Episode #118 – Becoming a Writer at a Writing Workshop in ItalyWriter’s Renaissance Faculty member Lisa Clifford shares her real-life love story that became a book that inspired a movie, how a death in her family shaped her writing, and what she’ll be teaching on-location in the Boboli Gardens at the retreat.

Episode #115 – How to Inspire Creative Juices – The lovely and talented poet and blogger Renee LaTulippe, who lives in Tuscany, talks about her role in my Writer’s Renaissance retreat AND why Italy is so perennially inspiring for writers and artists.

Episode #107 – How to Submit Apps and eBooks – I am the featured guest, talking about the Template for Storybook App Proposals I created for authors and illustrators and how story is still paramount in apps and ebooks.

Episode #78 – 12 x 12 in 2012 – I am the featured guest, talking about the launch of my 12 x 12 in 2012 Picture Book writing challenge and the reason why it’s important for writers to stay positive.

Episode #82 – How to Promote Your Book – I join nine other guests to talk about our biggest marketing and promotion successes and failures.

Episode #116 – How Do You Win an Award, Get a Literary Agent, and Get a Book Published? Get Rejected First! – The incomparable author/illustrator Debbie Ohi talks about her journey to getting published. My Grateful segment discusses the difference between gratitude and happiness, and why it matters.

Episode #103 – A Marketing Expert Explains How to Promote Yourself as an Author –¬†Social media marketer Lisa Kalner Williams explains how you can handle your social media to get best results for your efforts. Don’t forget to listen to Part II of the interview! My Grateful section talks about gratitude in the face of disappointment – like rejection.

Episode #97 – Your Questions Answered About Facebook, Part I – Facebook guru Robyn Bradley discusses the benefits of having an author page in addition to a personal profile. Don’t forget to listen to Part II of the interview too! My Grateful segment reveals the benefits behind an active gratitude practice (hint: it will help your writing!).

Episode #93 – A Marissa Moss PublicationMarissa Moss discusses how she launched a new picture book publishing imprint via Kickstarter. My Grateful segment explains why feeling gratitude is not enough. It needs to be expressed in order for its benefits to show up in your life and your work.

Episode # 90 – How to Take a Book to the StageMaryann Cocca-Leffler is the featured guest. My Grateful segment is all about the Bologna Book Fair and why writing for children is one of the most important jobs in the world.

Episode #84 РReading is FundamentalCarol Rasco is the featured guest. Launch of the Julie Hedlund Gets all Grateful on Your A** series.


Guest host of #storyappchat on April 29, 2012 – Challenges of app pricing, discoverability and standards


Featured on Do Life Right teleconference, talking about “Living Your Dream Right

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