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The new Julie Hedlund “school” on Teachable debuted last week and today is the last day to use code BOO and get 50% off any of the courses for writers available on the site.

It’s the last day to get 50% off and find out how agent-client relationships really work in:

The Insider’s Guide to Getting and Working with an Agent

This FOUR video bundle includes:

Insider Look at Agent-Client Relationships with Erzsi Deak

Find out what it’s really like to work with an agent during this 90 minute Q&A with Erzsi Deak, with Hen and Ink Literary Agency. You’ll learn what you should expect from your agent, when you should send your agent your newest manuscript, best communication methods and more!

Managing Your Agent and Editor Relationships with Marcie Colleen

In this 110-minute video, you will hear two professional authors (Marcie Colleen and Julie Hedlund) discuss their relationships with their agents. Marcie Colleen also addresses the dynamics of working with editors. You will learn:

  • How to develop and nurture the agent-client relationship
  • Questions to ask prospective agents
  • What you can and can’t expect from your agent
  • Differences between working with an agent and an editor

Plus MUCH more! This is a rare peek inside the inner workings of an agented, published author’s life.

What Agents are Looking for in Picture Book Submissions with Jill Corcoran (This video is ONLY available as part of this bundle.)

Agents get multiple submissions everyday. What makes them say yes to one manuscript and no to another? Agent Jill Corcoran pulls back the curtain and reveals what agents are really thinking when they read your query and your manuscript.

Do spelling errors hurt your chances of getting a reply?

Should you include art notes?

How perfect does your manuscript need to be to get an offer?

How many stories do have to have complete before you submit to an agent?

All these questions and more will be answered in this video.

The Importance of Agent Contracts with Marcie Colleen and Julie Hedlund (This video is ONLY available as part of this bundle.)

Authors Marcie Colleen and Julie Hedlund engage in a lively and frank discussion about the importance of contracts between literary agents and their author and illustrator clients.

This intimate, 30-minute conversation resulted after both were inundated with requests for help from authors who either didn’t have contracts with their agents at all or had contracts with questionable clauses.

It is critical for authors and illustrators to understand the risks they take if they operate without contracts and/or don’t understand the terms of their existing contracts completely.

And, that’s just one of the packages available through midnight tonight for 50% off when you use code BOO. See the full course list here including: 

And MUCH More!

A few things to remember:

You can use the coupon code, BOO, as many times as you like through midnight Monday, October 23, 2017 to get 50% off all courses.

All courses are LIFETIME access. Purchase once, keep forever.

ACT FAST! This deal disappears into the dark night at midnight, October 23rd.

CLICK HERE to see the full list of courses.

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