And it’s a good thing too because I could hardly stand the waiting anymore! At this point, no matter how it turns out, it’s just good to get going.

I’ve already written much about my motivation and rationale for crowdfunding. A whole series of posts, the basic gist of which is this: Crowdfunding is not just for self-publishing. It can also be used for hybrid publishing. This project is one example. (Click to tweet this)

Today, however, I want to focus the post on the book I’m hoping to fund. MY LOVE FOR YOU IS THE SUN is the closest to my heart of anything I’ve ever written. It’s been my honor to work with the amazingly talented illustrator Susan Eaddy and the publisher Stacey Williams-Ng at Little Bahalia. They took the vision I had for the book and made it even more exceptional. I hope you will take a moment to watch the campaign video below and then head over to the campaign page on Kickstarter for more information.

Of course I would be thrilled if you decided to back the project, but sharing it with others you think would be interested helps enormously too! Below the video I have some sample tweets, Facebook posts, etc. that you can swipe and share. Thank you so much for coming with me on this crazy journey!

Suggested Tweets and Facebook Shares — Tweak as you desire!

For Twitter

Help @JulieFHedlund get her lovely #picturebook published on #Kickstarter (click to tweet this)

Fascinating hybrid #publishing project to fund a #picturebook on #Kickstarter (click to tweet this)

Want to #crowdfund a #book? @JulieFHedlund shares the inside scoop as part of her #Kickstarter campaign. (click to tweet this)

For Facebook, Blogs, Other Networks

My friend/fellow writer Julie Foster Hedlund (JFH is my username on Facebook, so that will tag me in the post) has written a beautiful picture book celebrating the love between a parent and child. Artist Susan Eaddy, has completed one stunning illustration to provide a sense of what the final book will look like. But they need help to get it published. They’ve launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the production, publication and printing of the book. Check out their campaign, and if you love the book as much as I do, please consider backing the project.

My friend/fellow writer Julie Foster Hedlund is conducting a unique experiment in hybrid publishing. With the help of her publisher, agent, and illustrator, she’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to pre-fund the production, publication and printing of one of her picture books. If the campaign is successful, she hopes what they’ve done can be replicated to create additional opportunities for small publishers to increase their lists and for authors and illustrators to find opportunities in crowdfunding beyond self-publishing. And her book is definitely worthy of publication. Check out the campaign and if you like what you see, consider backing the project.

Of course, anything in your own words would be even better, but we’re all busy, so I wanted to provide a starting point.

P.S. I can’t tell you how excruciating it was to write these samples, which seem pompous and “braggy,” but it has to be done if I’m going to succeed. I said I was going to put myself out there and do everything I can, and writing “swipe copy” is part of everything.

THANK YOU for reading this post. Know that anything you do to share or contribute is appreciated and important!



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  1. Good Luck Julie! I really hope this reaches your funding goal!

  2. Wishing you all the best with this!! I will share, share, share!

  3. So neat that you are doing this. Good for you! And good luck!

  4. I hope you reach your goal, Julie! I will certainly share. :0)

  5. Best wishes, Julie!

  6. Thank you everyone! Your comments, shares and contributions are making ALL the difference!! It seems obvious, but I’ll say it anyway – I couldn’t do it without you!

  7. I’m posting tonight about this…and will pluck a little bit in the Kickstarter Fund as well.:) Wish I could do more.:)

  8. Hi Julie, I saw the Kickstarter earlier today and the video. I almost cried (Joy Crying) if I were a Dad now (Though I can WAIT for that easier than getting an agent) I’d be drowning in “Awww!” tears while I was out (Saw the video from my phone)

    I SO HOPE this project more than earns out! You don’t see this kind of illustration style too often these days. It got me thinking about Bagram Ibatoulline illustrations in Kate DiCamillo’s “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.” Different style, but same richness and attention to detail.

  9. Good luck, and, most importantly, have fun! 🙂

  10. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventure with crowdfunding. I shared a link to the WOW NonFicPic group on facebook.

  11. Julie, I’ve now caught up with all your Crowdfundng posts and I think you are definitely a trailblazer. I hope you reach your target and pave a new way forward for us authors!

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