On the last night of winter break, I told my kids they could fall asleep together.  They decided on Jay’s bed.  Usually when they do this, I move the transplant back to his or her own bed before turning in myself.  This way they don’t wake each other (and me!) up all night.  However, when I went in that night and found them snuggling like this, I just had to let them stay together all night.  Before long, they’ll be adolescents slamming doors on each other – let them have this moment.

Speaking of sleeping beauties, Rocky has adjusted marvelously to his new home.

Hard to believe he was sleeping in a cage just a little more than a week ago, huh?

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  1. Oh, Julie, what beautiful pictures! Save that picture of the kids and pull it out on those days of slamming doors and tattle-tales. So sweet. Rocky is a lucky pup to have found you.

    • Merrily – I will definitely save them. If I’m still blogging in 20 years, how great will it be to go back to the beginning and have all this recorded? As for Rocky, we’re lucky to have him too! Just a big bundle of dog sweetness!

  2. Love the photos! That first one is just beautiful. And love the dog too!

    In answer to your question – no I don’t review all the books I read. I wish. One of my intentions for 2010 is to review more; I know I won’t do all, but I would like to improve. Especially those ARCs I get sent. Oops. I haven’t felt very confident about my book reviewing, but the more I do it, the more confidence I feel.

  3. Terri you write great reviews, so keep ’em comin! Just so long as it stays fun and doesn’t become a “chore.” 🙂

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