In the car on the way to preschool today, Jay asked me when he would be able to learn how to drive.  “When you turn 16,” I responded.

“You mean you have to keep learning stuff even when you’re a grown-up??? That’s no fair!!”

Never mind that a sixteen year-old is far from being a grown-up.  What’s funny is the perception that once you become an adult, you’ve learned everything you’ll ever need to know.  Your tank is officially full.

I found this especially amusing given that I voluntarily left a career where I’d accumulated vast amounts of expertise in order to pursue one where I need to learn almost everything from zero.  Sure, I have honed writing skills, but not in the field where I’m choosing to write now, and certainly not in publishing.  Yet, I am having the best time I’ve ever had “working.”  On my way to a writer’s conference in January, the hotel survey included a question asking, “Are you traveling for business or pleasure?”  For the first time, I didn’t know how to answer.  How cool is that?  For Jay, learning feels compulsory.  One day, however, he will understand the exhilaration of learning for joy.

Still, it is difficult to be on the outside looking in to an industry you want so badly to be a part of – especially when, like me, you are not used to that feeling.  As an unknown to editors and agents, sometimes it feels as if my manuscripts appear on an editor’s desk with CAUTION: STUDENT WRITER stamped across the title page.  The only thing to do is to keep working and practicing until I “pass the test” and get picked up by an editor and/or agent.  And at least nobody is asking me to parallel park…

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  1. Such a cute analogy!

  2. i love that you didn’t know whether to circle business or pleasure. that’s a happy image. 🙂

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