Hi everyone,

I’ve spent some time cross-referencing the comments on my MeeGenius contest entry post with the results post to determine who wanted which prizes.  Here is the list of the prizes and recipients.  Some of you left your email addresses in the comments and some did not. Whether you think you have already given me your email address or not, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS INCLUDED so I can contact you offline for prize distribution.  At this busy time of year, it would be helpful to have that information all in one place so I don’t have to check multiple posts.  Thanks!

A few people who commented on the first post did not elect a prize.  If this is you, please do so by December 31st, as I would like to wrap this up before the new year.  The agent list and writing critiques are available on an unlimited basis.  I have one IndieBound gift card left and two picture books.  If I do not hear from you by December 31st, I will assume you do not want a prize.  Thanks!

A couple of you left comments on the second post but not the first.  In order to keep it fair, I could not enter you for the monetary prizes.  However, please let me know if you would like the agent list or a writing critique.

iPOD SHUFFLE: Ellen (tannawings)!



AGENT LIST: Joanna Marple, Jennifer DuBose, Donna Martin, Tanya Konerman, Jennifer Kirkeby, Cathy Mealey, Jodelle Brohard, Jennifer Rumberger, Lori Mozdzierz, Stacy Jensen, Louise Behiel, Coleen Patrick, Jarm del Boccio, Jenny Sulpizio, Penny Klostermann, Darshana, Robyn Campbell, Ellen Ramsey, Sharon Mayhew, Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

CRITIQUE: Erik, Nancy Hatch (whenever you have something ready); Also, Susanna Hill and Renee Tullipe – I’ll be happy to trade manuscripts sometime this year.  Let’s plan on choosing one of our 12 x 12 drafts at some point during the year!

FOLKS WHO ARE ELIGIBLE AND HAVE YET TO SELECT A PRIZE: Kaitlin, Diane Estrella, Debbie Allen, Patientdreamer (Diane)

FOLKS WHO ONLY LEFT A COMMENT ON THE SECOND POST (Can choose critique or agent list): Loni Edwards, Kate Kresse,

If I am in error on any of these, please let me know and I’ll check again.  As a reminder, the agent list will be distributed by December 31st.  Critiques will be completed by January 15 (unless we’ve specified otherwise).  The tangible goods/prizes will be sent as soon as I get contact information.

PLEASE remember to leave your email addresses on this post so I can get prizes out efficiently.  Thanks!

THANK YOU again to everyone who participated.  I know there were many people who voted and promoted who did not enter the contest too, and I am just as appreciative for your help!!  You all know I am here when you need assistance in return.

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  1. Woooooo-hooooooo!!!! Thanks so much.

  2. The agent list sounds perfect! Thanks so much. Happy Holidays! Happy Writing in 2012!

  3. Yay-thanks Julie!

    coleen AT coleenpatrick DOT com

  4. Yippee! Really looking forward to the critique swap! Thanks, Julie, and here’s to a successful 12×12! renee [at] wordsparkediting [dot] com

  5. Whoo Hoo! You’re being so very generous, Julie, and right smack-dab in the midst of your own busy holidays, to boot. I am grateful 🙂


  6. Thank you so much for the agent list! What a lovely Christmas gift to me!

  7. Thank you so much, Julie!
    jenberger75 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. I get the one I wanted?? Thank you so much, Julie. I really appreciate you. Very thankful. But it IS a lot on you right here at Christmas. You’re a lovely woman. *waving and smiling* Mwah!


  9. Well….Merry Christmas, Penny!!!!
    Thank you
    Agent list
    Will assist
    In my quest
    To find the best
    One to look
    At my book (s).
    I’m thrilled!!! Thanks, Julie and best of luck in the MeeGenius contest!
    Have a wonderful holiday!
    penny dot klostermann at gmail dot com

  10. Oh, Julie! Thank you so much! I would love a copy of your agent list. 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope to see Troop of Monkeys on a book shelf in 2012.

    sharon k mayhew at gmail dot com

  11. OM goodness Julie Thank you!!!!
    I am so thrilled to have managed the shuffle!
    Whats really kind of fun though is to have been posting alongside such talent here. I am looking forward to seeing your book on the shelf and saying ‘I know her’ and picking up a copy!

    My email is : baypayments@yahoo.com

  12. That’s very sweet of you Julie I’m not entering for a prize. Happy Christmas!

  13. Thanks Julie! yes, let’s definitely swap 12X12 mss at some point!

  14. Thanks, Julie…I’m honored to be a recipient of your agents list! And I hope that you are a winner, too! My email address is : jarm@me.com
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  15. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you until January 31st…wow it is hard to type with crossed fingers!

    I’m psyched to see what info is on the agent list! My email is cathy54321 at hotmail dot com

    Many thanks, Merry Christmas, happy skiing!

  16. Thanks, Julie! Know that your agent list is greatly appreciated!!
    lj DOT mozdzierz AT gmail DOT com

    Happiest of Holidays to you and yours 😀

  17. Congrats to all other winners of this contest!!!
    Julie is the best ;D

  18. Thanks Julie! I feel so lucky to be receiving your agents list. Good Luck with the contest. Merry Xmas!

    Email: darshana (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. Thanks so much Julie! I would be so incredibly grateful to recieve the agent list. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I will be rooting for you in January! My email address is: estevens03@yahoo.com. Thanks again!

  20. Can’t wait for the Agent List! Tanyabloom5@comcast.net. Thanks!!

  21. Thanks again for my prize…can’t wait to see the list…tkd2lady@yahoo.com

  22. Thank you: stacysjensen (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. Wow! You made my day, Julie! Happy New Year!

    Jennifer Kirkeby

  24. Jodelle Brohard and Louise Behiel, I need your email addresses in order to send the agent list. Thanks!

  25. Sorry that I did not see this earlier! My email Address is Jabrohard@aol.com

    Thanks so much!
    Jodelle Brohard

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