Today I am the featured presenter for a fabulous blog teleseries hosted by Do Life Right. For the entire month of October, DLR host Lisa Bentley is sharing a five-minute video from each day from a person talking about how to do one aspect of life right. My friend Renee LaTulippe was featured yesterday on the subject of Doing Poetry Right (highly recommended).

My topic is Living Your Dream Right. So if you get a chance, drop by and watch the short video. Then you can check out the rest in the series here or on the Doing Life Right Facebook Page.

Are you living your dream? What have you done to make that possible?

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  1. Great job Julie. (Your “high-tech” video effects made me smile.)

  2. Great inspiration, Julie! Thank you. I’m trying to live my dream and make my dream of becoming a published writer come true, bit by bit, word by word. I always feel that I should be doing more, though. I’m going to examine what I’m doing in the light of your 5 points, and see where I need to step up my game.

  3. Loved this. So glad to learn how you became serious about writing. Life is too short. I have always followed my heart because to me, there is no other way to live. =) I just wished my heart was drawn to higher paying jobs. It would make life a little easier sometimes. =) What a great example you are settting for you kids Julie. Thanks so much for sharing this. xo

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