Quick update: I was not one of the three finalists in Brenda Drake‘s Show Me the Voice Blogfest, but I am thrilled to have been a semi-finalist.  I had a great time participating.  You should go read the finalists’ entries, as they are fantastic.

Meanwhile, this is a post I meant to write a while ago, but it fell by the wayside.


This really is Marla and Me

One of the highlights of attending the Big Sur Children’s Writers workshop last December was that I got to participate in a critique group with none other than Marla Frazee.  I jotted down this poem shortly thereafter, and figured I would debut it on the blog today in honor of the start of National Poetry Month.  It also makes sense as an April Fool’s Day post because it exaggerates the truth just a tad… Maybe you’ll recognize the liberties in the lines.  Bonus points if you can name the titles of Marla’s works in the poem.  🙂


Marla and Me

Here is a picture of Marla and me
After swapping fantabulous stories.
Equally awed by the other’s raw talent,
Predicting untold future glories.

Because that’s the way it is
With Marla and Me.

All the World is a mighty fine place
When Marla is writing her books.
As such a star team, when we’re deep into craft,
People oft give us envious looks.

Because that’s the way it is
With Marla and me.

She has a keen eye for finding the flaws
That obscure a manuscript’s brilliance.
Just polish and shine, lacquer each line.
Then add a strong dose of resilience.

Because Marla’s the Boss, Baby!

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  1. So cute, Julie! I love it! I really loved Boss Baby, so I spotted that one right away! : )

  2. I don’t know Marla’s work, but enjoyed the poem.

    I wasn’t surprised that all 3 finalists selected by Natalie were YA fiction, since that’s her preferred genre. If the judge had been a Picture Book agent . . . you would have been in the top 3. 🙂

  3. Great poem!

    I’m sorry you didn’t make the finalists, but as nrhatch says, it has a lot to do with preferred genre. I’ve noticed a plethora of YA writers/blogs/agents/contests but very few for PB (and even fewer for MG, actually). I am quite sure FOODOO will find a home with the right agent. 🙂

  4. Excellent poem Julie and best of luck with FOODOO

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