I mentioned once before that I secretly wish I could be an actress.  It just seems like it would be so liberating to pretend to be someone else for a while.  Well, it’s not going to happen in real life, but every once in a while my dreams step in to fill the gap.

Who else could make scrubs look so good?

For example, a couple of nights ago I dreamt I got hired to play a new character on Grey’s Anatomy.  I was the plucky “new girl” coming in to stir things up with the cast.  As such, I was assigned a kissing scene with none other than Dr. Derek Shepherd, a.k.a. “McDreamy.”  Pretty plum assignment for a first-time actress, wouldn’t you say?  With all of the highest respect and love going out to my husband, :-), I ask you ladies: who wouldn’t line up for a makeout scene with Patrick Dempsey, if for no other reason than to be able to put your hands in that hair!

Anyway, after we were finished shooting the episode, the producers told me they wanted to hire me for a full arc, and if that went well, maybe more.  Needless to say I was ecstatic, and starting calling all of my friends and family to tell them the news and to be prepared to set their DVRs to record my big debut – set to air in a couple of weeks.

Then, the night before the first show aired, I got a voicemail from my brother.  He said, “I haven’t seen your show yet, but a bunch of my friends have, and they were asking me why you were wearing a black bra underneath a pink shirt.”

Lo, I suddenly remembered the dressing room fiasco, where I was called in to film the scene at the last minute and threw on the first thing I saw.

What’s hilarious is that this is so typical of something my brother would actually say to me.  We have a great relationship, but to this day, he is the person most likely to get a serious rise out of me with his teasing.  Big brothers consider the role of persecutors (but also protectors) to little sisters a lifetime gig, I guess.  He would be the only person who could make me go from being thrilled about getting a scene with one of the country’s hottest actors on one of its most popular shows, to mortified about exposing myself to millions of people in inappropriate lingerie.

What is the point of this story?  Don’t ask me.  I am sure there is some deep, dark meaning associated with having a pinnacle moment of success eclipsed by embarrassment and doubt, but I am not an interpreter of dreams, just a viewer of them.  I share the story only because I thought it was funny and had a bizarre urge to write about it.  Perhaps it’s because it was a nice interlude from the stream of varying dreams I have of being back in school and “forgetting” that I had enrolled for a class (usually math) and, despite having no previous exposure to the material, now have to sit for an exam and either pass or lose my degree.  Nobody has to tell me the meaning of that dream…

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  1. We don’t have a TV in our house (by choice 🙂 ) but that pic… well… I could see why one could want one.

  2. Oh Julie – I actually bought my seven year old daughter the DVD of Enchanted for her birthday just so I had an excuse to gaze upon the divine Mr Dempsey repreatedly. Was this wrong????

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